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Visions of Beauty

by Kupluthai Pungkanon The Nation, December 2012.

Actress and Pantene brand ambassador Liv Tyler drops into town to talk about hair

Hollywood actress Liv Tyler jetted into Bangkok recently to unveil a new benchmark for beautiful and healthy hair. Tyler, who joined Pantene as the new brand ambassador last month, was among the celebrities attending the fifth edition of the annual Vision House by P&G Beauty, held last week at Sofitel So Hotel.

The event introduced the new trends and hair care technologies for the upcoming season and showcased the most definitive beauty solutions. Joining the actress, were hairstylists Eugene Souleiman, Josh Wood and Hollywood hair guru Duffy along with Thai A-listers Wooranuch Bhirombhakdi and Krisada Pornveroj. We had a chance to chat with Tyler as well as with Duffy.

How do you feel about being Global Brand Ambassador for Pantene Pro-V?
Tyler: I feel really great about it because it's a product that I actually love a lot. And I'm very glad that I have an amazing shampoo that makes my hair very healthy. It's great to be here in Bangkok. I'm having a wonderful time!

Is this your first time in Thailand?
Tyler: I went to Phuket about 15 years ago and remember it as a beautiful place but this is my first time in Bangkok.

How do you feel about this trip?
Tyler: So far I love it though I've spent most of my time in the hotel. Last night we went to the temple that's made of a golden Stupa (Wat Sraket). I climbed up and it was a very magical time. We went at 6pm when the sun was setting and we could see the lights and hear the music. It was very beautiful.

Can you tell me a little bit about your work and the movie you've been filming?
Tyler: I just finished making a film in Los Angeles, called 'Space Station 76'. It's a very small movie. It's the smallest movie I actually ever made, with an actor called Patrick Wilson. It's a very interesting film that takes place in the future.

You've appeared in several movies. Do you have a favourite character?
Tyler: I fall in love with all the people I work with and the characters that I play. I always enjoy the experience. It's fun making movies. You get up at 5am and you work until 8pm and nothing exists besides the movie for that period of time. You develop really strong bonds with the people you're working with and with your character. I've been working a lot less on films since I had my son because it's harder for me to come outside of myself and really get into character. But no, I don't really have a favourite character. I've enjoyed all the roles I've played.

Do you style your own hair?
Tyler: I try to take very good care of my hair. I love my job as an actress and also when I get to model because I get to play some different kinds of characters and show different looks to the world. In everyday life, I just try to maintain my hair routine, making sure it's healthy and letting the professionals do the styling for me.

Duffy: She makes my work very easy. Her style is very simple. We don't have to do her hair a lot because it is very responsive. She's very fortunate that she keeps her hair in top condition. It's very organic working on her hair; we just do simple styling techniques.

Tyler: My hair can get dry though. When travelling, I condition it a lot. My little trick, and I think it's the same for the skin, is to keep it hydrated. I love the cream conditioner. In my daily routine I try not to wash my hair everyday but every other day and I shampoo and I condition it. I usually put a lot of conditioner and I leave it in for 10 minutes while I'm in the shower and I rinse it off and I put the leave-on conditioner or some kind of a serum on the end when it's dry.

Duffy: Conditioning really does help. It makes styling a lot easier. When your hair is healthy and in good condition it's really flexible. We can do more things with it and it holds a style longer.

Does having beautiful hair affect the way you dress?
Tyler: There's nothing better than having your hair done. I always joke that it makes you feel lighter when you leave the salon. You have conditioner, gloss and someone who dries your hair and it definitely makes you feel more beautiful so I think it's definitely affects how you dress.