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Bad breath is awful

Die Welt, April 2013. Photo by Donata Wenders. Translation by Undomiel241

Liv Tyler ranks among the most beautiful actresses, especially her sensual lips turn many people's heads. Now she tells us how she applies them

Liv Tyler (35) stands in a ballroom alone and remembers the kisses of her life. That's the way it looks like in a commercial spot for an ice cream company of Wim Wenders. In truth the actress thought of something else. She revealed to us what she thought about.

Die Welt: What do you actually think about when in a commercial spot you have to pretend to think about kissing?
Liv Tyler: Honestly, often when shooting I did not think about kissing but asked myself: "Does my arm look fat?" or "Does my dress fit me?"

Die Welt: So you did not think about your first kiss?
Liv Tyler: More about the last than the first.

Die Welt: And who was that lucky one?
Liv Tyler: My little son Milo.

Die Welt: Did you early start kissing as a teenager?
Liv Tyler: Not really. Not until I was 13, 14. All my friends started earlier than me, I was always to shy, even though I dreamed about it. But after the first kiss I nerved stopped doing it. I love it.

Die Welt: And who was the lucky one back then?
Liv Tyler: It was in New York, with a guy that was a bit older than me and who was very handsome. I was very nervous and he, too.

Die Welt: What is so special about kissing for you?
Liv Tyler: Kissing is a magical explosion. Some kisses with their smell and the temperature of the moment stick to us forever even though you have often kissed that person before and after that. Kissing is something so intimate, I mostly like the moment shortly before the lips touch and you already softly feel the other ones breath.

Die Welt: Sounds like you kiss often and enjoy it?
Liv Tyler: Yes. I even kiss my dog Neal! Neal is a stinking "Cavalier King Charles spaniel". Our whole family enjoys kissing. We kiss each other all the time. Mother, father, me and Milo, too.

Die Welt: And whom would you never kiss?
Liv Tyler: Bad breath is awful. I would never kiss someone who smells badly.