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Matthew Bomer is so dreamy

by Leanne Bayley, Cosmopolitan UK, June 2013

Liv Tyler exclusively chatted to Cosmo about the pressures of staying slim and why she ADORES her Space Station 76 co-star, Mathew Bomer.

Hi Liv, you have an amazing life! Do you ever want to pinch yourself?
I feel very lucky. Because I've been doing it my whole life I try to not let it affect me, good or bad! When horrible things happen, or bad news, or bad opinions I try not to let it go in. Even when good things happen, it goes in, for a minute and I feel good and then I just let it go out. It keeps it better.

What's the best thing about your job?
The best part is the people I get to work with, and the creative experience of reading a script and falling in love with a character, going to work with that group of people and taking those words that are on a page and bring them to life, working with set designers, hair and makeup, all the lighting people,directors, everyone. It's good to not be so set in your ways, the way you see the world, and your opinions, to get out of that. It's good to be in new environment, with people who have different opinions.

And the worst?
The fact that people can take pictures of you whenever they want on their cell phones. When you're eating in a restaurant - mid eating, or when you're with your family and you kind of look up and someone's pretending to text, but they're taking a picture. The fact that Google Glasses are happening makes me want to move to the woods and never come back. I'm not in to Google Glasses. At. All. It's horrible.

What's the one best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?
Just to follow my heart and trust my instincts, and to not make decisions based on anyone else, or on what they think, or what they think is best for you. We're all individual, no matter what your profession is, or your job is. If you follow your heart whether you're making tonnes of money or no money, you'll be happy and you'll be radiant and your life will be better. Everyone in your life will be happier. It's quite short, life. If you can, tap in to your true passion and the things that you love, and follow them. Everybody has some sort of secret talent, or skill or something they're good at, that they wish they could do. It's quite good to figure out what that is and kind of pursue it - even if it's a silly thing.

What's the one thing you know now that you'd wished you'd known back when you started out?
If I could speak to my younger self, I'm not sure I'd tell her anything different. I started so young, I was a little sixteen-year-old - even when I first came to Cannes. I think that now as a woman I feel much more comfortable in myself. I used to get so shy, one time I almost fainted at a press conference for Armageddon in this huge hot room. They were asking Bruce (Willis) and Ben (Affleck) all these questions and then suddenly someone asked me a question and I just went wooooo, and then one of the boys took my hand and was like, 'Liv, are you ok?' But now I think that I've overcome those kinds of feelings. I know now that the worst thing that you think could happen is never going to happen. Even if it does, you should just laugh your way through it

You can sing, act, model - is there anything you can't do?
I can't juggle.

You've worked with so many movie stars over the years, who would be your dream co-star?
I'm so happy I got to work with Wim Wenders (on the Magnum 5 Kisses film), I'd love to make a movie with him. But as for a co-star, there are so many people I'd love to work with, but they're secret wishes.

We're looking forward to watching Space Station 76, with the gorgeous Matt Bomer (who starred in Magic Mike). Fans of Fifty Shades wants him to be their Christian, do you think he'd be good for the role?
He's so sweet, so dreamy! I haven't read the book so I don't know. But he is so dreamy, I adore him. He is so handsome and so sweet and an amazing father and he's an all around beautiful person - and he is SO beautiful to look at.

So tell us about the Magnum 5 Kisses film where did you shoot it?
We shot in this old beautiful dancehall, where downstairs is a modern dancehall where you can go and do rockabilly night with swing music and children and grandparents and drink wine. Upstairs is a dancehall that's a couple of hundred years old - bullet holes and that sort of thing.

Let's talk kissing...
Kissing is such a beautiful thing that we sometimes take for granted. Some kisses are amazing and unforgettable and some kisses are whatever. The most exciting thing about a kiss is the moment before.

What was your first kiss like?
My first kiss I was very shy, one of the things I think is so magical abut a first kiss is that you can have that moment over and over again. I wasn't actually thinking about my first kiss when we shot this commercial, but I was thinking of... another kiss.

You probably have a lifetime supply of Magnums, how do you stay so slim?
I'm not free of feeling the pressure but I love ice cream and I'm always going to love ice cream, just not every day, all day long.