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Liv: All the way!

Hitkrant Magazine, December 2001

She’s beautiful, Liv Tyler. We already saw the new hit Lord Of The Rings where she plays Arwen. Here's an interview with this lady about tomatoes, fears and feelings Lord Of The Rings

Tell us about you’re part in the Lord of the Rings
I play Arwen Undomiel, queen of Gondor. My part has been made a little bit bigger. We did this because there weren't many female roles, so we changed it a bit. We shoot all 3 movies in one time. It took us one and a half year.

What was it like to play in such a big, commercial movie ?
It was fantastic, its hard to just say a few words about it cause in one and a half year there has been happened a lot.

Do think acting is scary ?
Its very frightening. Its so scary because you're used to the people of the crew and everyone are just so nice to each other, and then you are in the spotlights alone - and there is no one who can help you there. That can be hard at sometimes. I just see it as a fun experience.

Are you having troubles with some sort of acting-fear at this days ?
It depends, if I don't know what people expect from me than I'm really scared. But at normal times things just go really smooth and I go like: I was great! I don't really have problems if I work, but I do have that in public like being on a talk shows or a press meeting, I hate that, at those moments I really panic.

What do you think of the end-result ?
It was so beautiful to see! We all cried, it was really emotional cause we all worked on it for such a long time.

What are the advantages of being famous ?
I always go to really good restaurants and I can go whenever I want to I don't have to wait for hours. That's the only thing I like about being famous. I don't have a really fancy live I don't have drivers driving me around the town. I just live a normal life.

What is you’re favourite thing to cook ?
Everything! I love to cook I can make great soups and pasta.

Alright give us one of your great recipes
Alright ... Well in this one, you buy hundreds of tomatoes ...

Yeah right hundreds!
Its just an expression! You just cook all those 'hundreds' of tomatoes. You cut them into little pieces, you put a little pepper, salt, oil and basil with it and you make pasta you put a little cheese in it and you're done.

Is there something about yourself you would like to change ?
Everybody has something about himself he doesn't like, but you can't change that and be a perfect person. That would be really boring if everyone would be the same. It's just a part of your life and you have to live with it.

You look in the mirror and you see ...
Liv! I don't look at myself in the mirror much. Most at the time I'm doing something when I'm in front of a mirror like brushing my teeth or putting some make-up on.

What irritates you the most ?
People who aren't honest. I wish everyone was honest with each other, because I really know when someone isn't honest about something and I hate that!

The last question - how do you feel on your 24th ?
Really good! I feel really good, I listen to my feelings and I'm finding out who I really am. I never felt so happy in my life before, everything goes great.

Some more quotes from Liv:
  • I grew up in Maine. I wasn't much of a rich girl cause my mother and me lived in an apartment. All the other kids at school lived in those great big houses

  • I love giving gifts to people

  • When I was a kid I used to take a lot of pictures just to save moment, or wrote everything down

  • I usually dream of things that are in my life at that moment. Sometimes my dreams really come true!

  • Acting is a strange job, sometimes you have to play that you're real sad but in reality you're really happy or of course the other way around

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