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Liv Tyler Teams Up With One Kings Lane - We Swoon

by Chloe Daley, Refinery29, December 2013

If there was a celeb award for moving through life (and down the red carpet) with grace and ease, Liv Tyler would win. Model, actress, mom, street-style pro, and hostess with the mostess, she literally co-wrote (with her grandmother) the manual for modern manners. It was no surprise, then, when she teamed up with One Kings Lane for an awesome guest-editor sale. Reflecting her self-described eclectic style and passion for vintage, her picks are the perfect "girly-chic meets old-fashioned cozy" vibe.

So, we hopped on the phone to discuss her manners pet peeves, holiday-playlist go-to songs, and design point of view. And, the only thing better than sweeping up everything at the star's One Kings Lane sale? An invite to peek at her N.Y. pad (and dreamy pink sofa!) for ourselves. (Liv, we promise to bring our best manners.)

How would you describe your own home/design aesthetic in a few words?
"I'm so eclectic in my taste, and I really collect things from all over. I have this beautiful pink couch - it looks a little bit like a Chanel bag, has all these tassels...My taste is also a little bit old-fashioned, a little girly. I love the Hollywood-Deco vibe, all with a weird, modern twist of Danish."

What are your rules for holiday decor? Do you go over the top with holly and lights and stuff? Or, do you keep things more low-key?
"Really, I think just have fun; it depends if you have children or not. When I was a little girl, my mom [and I] would string popcorn and cranberries. When I drive by someone's house and it's all decked out for the holidays, it makes me smile. I have an 8-year-old son, so all those things are really fun."

What are your best holiday hosting tips?
"It's so hard because there are so many things! One thing I always try to do - because I love music so much - is to always try to make a playlist and think about the tone I want to set. Especially around Christmastime, there are all these songs that have this nostalgia. I'm into baking and cooking a lot, so I have a playlist called "Kitchen Happiness" with Edith Piaf, Nina Simone, Fats Waller, and Cab Calloway."

Any guest pet peeves that you wish people would stop doing already?
"I'm a crazy person, and I've grown up around some eccentric people, so I'm used to totally bonkers stuff! When people drink way too much, get sloppy drunk...it's not fair to put that on others. There's a moment when you have to be responsible. It's not really a pet peeve, but it can be a big whaa-whaa."

Your grandmother is a renowned manners expert - what's the most important rule of etiquette you learned from her?
"One of the things I learned from her that I can't sort of shake is the idea of going the extra mile, you get what you give, and to really pay attention to detail. She is very detail-oriented, as I am, which can sometimes be bad because I'm a hawk. But, really paying attention to detail and going that extra mile sets you apart from other people."

What does the term "Modern Manners" really mean to you?
"That was my grandmother's title for the book. Things have changed so much in the past 50 years, and I think that this is taking a lot of those basic values and bringing them up to date. The principles and facts are still there, but things have a changed a little."

What's your biggest annoyance when it comes to people breaking the rules of modern etiquette?
"It really just depends on the situation. Just being aware of others is important, and I can't stand when people take photos and videos without asking, whether you're famous or not. There's nothing worse than when everyone has their phone out, when we're trying to document everything instead of being in the moment. But, even I am guilty of that."

What was the last purchase you made for your own place?
"I just got this beautiful vintage Moroccan rug and these colorful cushions for the floor. I love them. My son got them for me; he showed me a picture, and I picked out the colors. The rug is white and has all these colorful triangles. They are so cozy."

What's your favorite piece you're selling on One Kings Lane?
"There is this telephone I want: It's red plastic lips but a telephone, vintage from the '80s. It takes you down the rabbit hole for hours looking on the site. I love their combination of vintage and new."