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Today Show, December 18th 2002

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers continues the legendary saga of hobbits, dwarves, wizards, elves and humans, and their quest to destroy the One Ring, that threatens the future of civilization, in the land of Middle Earth. Actress Liv Tyler plays Arwen, an elf princess who must choose between her love for a human, and immortality.

Liv Tyler, good morning.
It sounds so dramatic, good morning.

It is very dramatic, this movie.
How are you ?

And I'm good, nice to see you. So, tell me about your character in this movie. As I mentioned, you play Arwen.

And, she is an elf, who has gotta choose between her love for Ara... ?

Aragorn, and her, as I said, her ability to survive. Ummm, tell me a little bit more about her role, and why she is so key to the entire plot of the movie.
It's just they just had ... I think, well, it's very important to the character of Aragorn and him kind of fulfilling his destiny, which will come later on in the third film, and in this film you just begin to, I think, as a whole entire film, we're not establishing anything anymore, you're there, and it's just getting deeper into this story, and it's so bitter-sweet the relationship that these two people have, because they love each other so much but they're up against everything. So, it's a nice, you know, a nice idea.

You speak a strange language in this movie, which I guess is called Elfish.

Elvish. Did you have to take like a Berlitz course in Elvish ? How did you to master this, and was that hard ?
It is actually really hard, there are people that can actually speak Elvish, and I'm very embarrassed that I don't know the name of the translater man, but we would, sort of, write, my dialect coach would write the, our lines, and he would fax it to him and he would fax back the Elvish, and then I had to memorize it. And sometimes, the morning of the scene, which was really embarrassing, because, you know, the whole day is riding on the fact if I can remember my, sort of, ch's and th's and all these bizarre sounds.

Now, I understand that your role was actually expanded, that you're sort of just a blip, if you read the J.R.R. Tolkien trilogy, but the director of this movie wanted you to have a bigger role in it, which must have been nice.
Not that much more of a bigger role ...

Well, you don't know. The truth to be told, you're not sort of ubiquitous in this movie. But you're key to the plot and he did expand it from the book, right ?
Yeah, I mean, in the book she's actually not in the second book at all, but throughout, she's just sort of there thoughout as this sort of ... as hope, I guess in a way, you know, someone having faith.

Now, was ... is this movie ... I think, I had not seen the first one, and I did see the second one. Is it better for people? Well, you know, my eleven-year-old was able to give me, sort of, you know, "Last week on L.A. Law", you know, the version of this. And she told me everything that was happening, much to the * of the people around us in the theater, I'm sure. But ideally ...
That's like what I did when I went with my dad to this movie. He was wrestling wrappers, and asking me all these questions. The whole New-Line, the studio, was like 'Shhh!'

Had he seen the first one ?
That was the first one, yeah.

Oh, the first one. So he needed, sort of, uhhh ...
He needs to, yeah, definitely, have some info to back it up.

You know, what was it like, obviously, you all filmed most of these movies in one felt swoop in New Zealand, right ?

That must have been an amazing experience because the scenary in this movie is so spectacular.
It was ... It's an incredibly beautiful place, and it's very untouched, and they ... just the people are so friendly and kind, and they were so happy to have us there making this film, and, I mean, almost the whole country was kind of working on the film, in a way, it was pretty incredible, but, ummm, yeah.

Tell me about working with some of the co-stars too like Viggo ...
They're so cute. Everybody's, I mean... We've all formed these incredible relationships, and because I'm one of the only girls I got a lot of special treatment, and I get ... very nice things. The boys were very nice to me.

Yeah, and you do a lot of kissing in this movie, Ms. Tyler.
If you can believe it, I never actually felt any kissing at all, 'cause Viggo's beard is like nails.

Oh, really ?
It is so powerful.

You should do something about that.
It was like lip protector. No, it was good for me, and, you know, I'm engaged women.

I was gonna say, it's good for your fiance. His name is Royston Langdon, he's from the rock group Spacehog. Lov ... Love spacehog ...
They're not together anymore.

They're not ? And I was like, 'Spacehog, listen to them all the time' ... Does your dad like him ? Most importantly since they are fellow-rockers
Yeah. They are really good friends, yes.

And when are you getting married ?
Uhhh ... Next year.

Next year ?

And you also have another movie coming out, Jersey Girl ?

With Ben Affleck and J.Lo. Did you have fun doing that ?
I did have a lot of fun doing that. Kevin Smith is the director of that... and he is a really great writer and he writes really wonderful female characters.

We'll look forward to that, and we'll be back.

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