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Liv on Letterman
Late Night with David Letterman, December 20th 2002

My first guest is a lovely actress starring in a new film currently in theaters, entitled The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Ladies and Gentlemen, here she is, the lovely Liv Tyler. [Applause]

Hi, guys.

You look wonderful.
How are you ?

I'm fine, Happy Holidays.
Thank you.

You look just great, and I'm so surprised, when I, I don't know why I didn't remember this, I don't ... You're very ...
Maybe my shoes have grown. [showing her shoes]

What shoes have you got here ?
Big shoes.

Oh yeah, that's exactly what happened, for God's sakes. But I'll take it! You know what I'm saying ? Now...
[laughing] How are you ?

I am fine. Did you the guys, there, men and women, in the helicopters ? Exciting.
I did, and I was just saying, 'How come that number one is not always the funniest ?'

[laughing] Yeah!
I thought ... number nine was the funniest. [laughing]

Oohh [laughing] ... Comes up all the time. Have you ever been in a helicopter ?
I have, actually, ummm, a couple of times when we were doing Armageddon, ummm, we had to fly in helicopters back and forth between oil rigs, and I chose to live on the oil rig for a week, so I didn't have to go ...

So you actually stayed on the oil rig.
Yeah, yeah.

Now how did that work ? They said OK, fine, stay here ? What ...
I got one of the guys' cabins...

Really ?
and they were really sweet to me, and I was ... Yeah.

And ... I bet they were [laughing]. And from your, uhhh... From your experience, what ... when these guys weren't on the oil rig ... they stay like six or eight months, or ... ?
No, I think they have, like, a couple of weeks, and then they go home for a couple of weeks ...

What is that like ? What is life like, I mean, is it tedious ... ?
Good sleeping. Because of the rocking. But evrey once in a while you kind of go, 'Oh my God, I'm in the middle of the ocean, and there are sharks circling the thing ...'

What were you going, actually, on the oil rig ?
Uhhh, the Gulf of Mexico, I believe.

And how far off the coast were you, off shore ?
I have no idea.

In terms of a helicopter ride, what was it, like, a ten-minute ride ?
No, it was, like, and hour and a half. It was so far. And the boys, like, Bruce and Ben, would go back and forth every night, so they could hang out and do fun things, and I was just like 'Forget it. No'.

You stayed on the rig.

It's gotta be exciting, though. Isn't it ?

And, how many people were living on the rig ?
Uhhh, I don't remember.

What sort of things would you do, did you have dinner with the people ?
I'd go to sleep, 'cause I was working all day, and I was tired.

Right. So, you stayed on the rig for a week and never had a meal ?
Yes, we were on a mess the whole week ... [laughing]

How was the food ? On the ...
Uhhh, not memorable!

Well, still with all that, it was a pretty good experience.

That's the kind of thing that a lot of people will never get to do.
Yeah, you're absolutely right.

Well, that's nice ...
I get to do a lot of this kind of things, don't I ...

Yeah, it's wonderful, it's great. And how are things going for you now ? You're not, you're not married now, are you ?
Not yet, still ...

See, the last time you were here, you were just about to get married.
Well ... We both have been so busy, and it's so much ...

But it's the same guy ?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. [laughing]

But, uhhh, it's inevitable, right ? It's gonna happen ?
Yes, yes, yes.

Now, how soon ? Will you give us some time ?
Next year. For sure.

Next year ... Well, that's kind of what you said [last time].
I did [laughing] ... It's a lot of planning, you know ...

But I think we discussed this before, you're gonna have a small gathering.

So, it's not so much planning, for a small gathering. For God's sakes, you can have it on an oil rig.
Ahhh ...

How are you doing on the holidays, is that really good ?
Yeah, what do you do at the holidays ?

I stay here, and catch up on paperwork. I return a lot of calls.
You got any fabulous vacation ?

No, no, we stay here for work, for God's sakes. Always, I'm stuck here. You know, it's probably better that way, really [laughing]. What about you, you go to places ?
I'm tired too, 'cause we've been doing all this ... We've been in a week, like all over the world, and four premieres, all for The Lord of the Rings [applause], so ... I'm just gonna stay here too.

When you were a kid, what kind of things would you do around the holidays ?
Well ...

You would probably be up in the country ?
I come from the north, from Maine, and I'm actually gonna go skiing with my dad for New Year's, this year, to do the Tyler skiing family excursion.

How's dad doing ?
He's really good, yeah. I haven't seen him for a while, so ...

And how much time do you get to spend with him now ?
It depends, really, on, you know ... We're both so busy, it's kinda nuts ...

What kind of things do you and dad talk about ?
We, ummm... My dad and I are probably closer than, I mean, we are so close. We talk about everything, and it's nice for me, 'cause I didn't know him when I was a kid, and, I just love my daddy! It's really cute. [applause]

Well, that's, that's a wonderful thing! Do you mind if we ... We also have some pictures of you father. He's very photogenic.
Very lured pictures. [laughing]

No... OK, here's dad. Right there at work. [shows a picture of Steven Tyler on stage - at weird position]

It's pretty cool, though.
[laughing] Dad at work.

That's a dad at a PTA meeting.
What's he, what's he doing ? [pointing on Tom Hamilton's from Aerosmith face on the pic]

He doesn't know. He just looks to get back to the room. Oh my God. Remember this ? [shows another picture of Steven Tyler as Santa]
I have no idea what that is! [laughing] He's just never... Where is that from ?

I'm guessing it's right around this time of the year. Ummm ... And what about resolutions for the new year? Anything going on there ?
I don't like resolutions, isn't that weird ? I usually, like, if I have to change something, I'd like to do it all the time instead of one time, I guess.

I'm not quite sure I know what that means ...
I stopped smoking.

Well, that's good. And, was that a resolution ?
Uhhh, no, but I had to do it.

Let's talk a little about the addiction, how long were you smoking ?
Ummm ... I ... A long time. I started when I was about 14 and I'm 25 now, so ...

Oh my God, since you were 14! See, that's the thing people forget
I met you when I was 14. [laughing]

Oh Lord, oh Lord, oh Lord ... Did I ever tell my side of that story ?
We were on the same beach and same bus together.

No... We ran into you, on vacation, and then it was one of those years where I would run into you two or three times later. And like the second day, you were there and I said 'How are thing going ?' and you said 'I'm so annoyed, because the pool boy, he's just the worst', and I said 'What do you mean ?' And you said 'Well, every morning I like to get up and swim naked.'
[laughing] I did not!

And, and Larry the pool boy, will not leave me alone. Do you remember that ?
[laughing] No ...

Always had to skim her out. [laughing] So, let's show a clip of your movie. But it's doing huge business, it's like it's ... Yeah, the first one was a monster, also ...

Yeah, it just came out yesterday.
Alright, let's see it. Do you know what we're going to take a look at ? You play Elf in love, isn't that right ?

[laughing] I do! Elves love. I play Arwen, Elven princess. And I'm in love ... I'm immortal, and I'm in love with Aragorn, who's a mortal man.
Alright, and that's what we see here.
Fighting for my love.

Alright, let's take a look. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, currently in theaters. [TTT clip] ... [Applause] There is still hope!
Thank you.

Thank you so much! Liv Tyler. We'll be right back ... [Applause]

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