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Transformation - Liv Tyler

InStyle, July 2015

Do we think it's "Crazy" that Liv Tyler today looks pretty much like she did in dad Steven Tyler's 1994 Aerosmith music video? Uh, yeah, That may be because "She takes really good care of her porcelain skin," says makeup pro Genevieve Herr. "She's always exfoliating and moisturizing. And she's so health-conscious: She doesn't smoke and drinks lots of water." On such a smooth canvas, "I never use heavy foundation, just tinted moisturizer. That way, her skin can shine through."

"Liv loves a classic red lip. She believes that if you put on just a little bit of lip color, you look younger. She says her grandmother always carried some in her bag."

"Liv is very open to trying different makeup, but I always like to play up her gorgeous blue eyes with black or navy liner."

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