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Liv Tyler - teaches us a thing or two about fashion

Lucky, August 2007. Photos by Brian Bowen Smith

On our cover
"I used to he a massive shopper - I'd pick up everything," says our cover girl, Liv Tyler. "But in the last few years, since I became a mom, I've really tried to be more practical and only buy things that I truly love and will wear all of the time." So the 30-year-old actress, who can be seen in the upcoming thriller The Strangers, keeps an eye out for glamorous-yet-comfortable pieces with a feminine feel - like the airy, ruffled dress and ultra-romantic jewelry she wore at our New York shoot. "It's the tiny details that make any look great, and I usually have something I'm really into," she explains. "For example, at the moment, I'm crazy about red lipstick."

Liv Tyler naturally exudes the kind of femininity and glamour that take most people hours - or a lifetime - to get right. "I love collecting beautiful pieces, everything from scarves to brooches to belts to amazing hats," says the 30-year-old. "But lately I've been trying to merge the style I have in my head with what I actually wear." Here, the actress reveals all the beauty products, clothes, and accessories that inspire her effortless, ethereal look.

"Calvin Klein has made me some of the most elegant dresses I've ever worn."

"I basically either need an extra-big bag that I can fit everything into or a really simple evening clutch - there's no in between. I just got this great, roomy one from Be&D."

"Since I'm tall, I feel shy wearing heels all the time. Lanvin flats are perfect for me because I can do anything in them - chase after my son, Milo, walk for miles in New York, dance if I want to."

"I'm crazy about face masks, and Astara makes an incredible blue one that really draws impurities out of your skin."

"Kings of Leon are my favorite band ever. They're so special, and I never tire if their music."

"Rita Hayworth had the classic Old Hollywood style that I aspire to. I especially loved all of her glam dresses."

"Steven Alan's button-downs are like great men's shirts but fitted for women, and they come in the cutest plaids."

"I can't live without Terax's daily conditioner. I colored my hair recently and practically ruined it - but this keeps it really soft."

"My friend Helena Christensen opened this fabulous West Village store called Butik, where she sells a lot of Danish clothing. The pieces are just stunning."

"Christian Louboutin heels are so exquisite. They're like museum pieces."

"I don't have a strict regimen for most things, but I try to take very good care of my skin. I get facials all the time and exfoliate and moisturize like crazy."

"Juicy Couture has a little cream jacket this season that I couldn't wait to wear."

"Givenchy's lipsticks have the best texture, and the color are fantastic - the lillicit Raspberry shade is completely fun."

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