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The things I Liv for

New Woman, May 2006

Liv Tyler The top actress, rock-star wife and face of Givenchy fills NW in on her world. We want her life!

What turns her on
"Lipstick makes me feel sexy. I just love the smell - it reminds me of being a little girl and playing around with my mom's make-up bag. I was involved in the creation of Givenchy's Lip Lip Shine! lipsticks, and adore Toffe Shine. The colour is just like my natural lip colour but with a little sparkle."

Favourite smell in the world
"My son Milo's neck is just so delicious! And behind my puppy Neal's ears too!"

Her desert-island item
"My pet hate is pimples. I always carry a lip brush with concealer on the end so I can cover up in an emergency!"

On her lucky genes
"Everyone says I look like my dab, but I actually have more of my mom's features. My eyes and my mouth definitely come from her. I do have my dad's nose, though."

Her instant pickme-up
"A burst of Sensual Irresistible it's a little bit sexier and richer than the original version. It's really powerful smell. I love it."

What makes her feel fabulous
"When I'm happy and not stressed out and can just relax and have fun with the people I love."

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