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Liv in Love

Now Magazine, December 4th 2002

Lord of the rings made her world famous, but she still prefers flip-flops and jeans

Liv Tyler is an international star, but when she goes out she's rarely recognised- thanks to a low-key wardrobe and a boyfriend who dislikes being in the public eye.

Liv Tyler has celebrated the fourth anniversary of living with her fiance, singer Royston Langdon, with the announcement that she's set for a secret wedding and family of her own. Liv, 25, told NOW that she's just an old fashioned girl at heart when it comes to romance.
I'm very straight and quiet conservative. My mom always said that I have an old head on my shoulders and I think she's right. I want a proper wedding, a home and childrens.

Liv is about to appear as Arwen, the elf princess, in The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers, the latest instalment of the movie trilogy, witch is out on 18 December. But it's clear that Leeds-born Royston, 31-whom Liv calls Roydie-brings the real magic to her life.
He's been a real rock for me throughout all this, It wasn't easy, I had to work on the other side of the world for months on end. The risks were considerable and the expectations of success were very high. We all had to put our private lives on hold, but Roydie constantly supported me.

Liv returned to the vast film set in New Zealand from their home in New York for additional filming in the summer. The cast worked on parts of all three of the films- the third will be released next year - at once. But, she says, it's now time to start supporting her boyfriend. His band Spacehog had broken up and he spent most of this year starting from scratch, she says.
He's been writing songs, then recording them at home as demos and now he's making records. He's got some people who work well together and they've just started playing gigs, which is exciting.

Liv admits that being a rock chick is in her blood. Her father is Steven Tyler, but she was raised by pop star Todd Rundgren and her mother, supergroupie Bebe Buell. Bebe, 49, also dated Mick Jagger and Rod Stewart and is now dating Jim Wallerstein, another musician. Liv isn't that kind of girl.
I've had just a few boyfriends and I've always been in long term relationships. I have also nothing to rebel against. I try to live quietly, out of the public eye. My favourite sort of night is staying in watching television or slipping out to a movie and eating popcorn. The good thing about New York is that no one notices me, because everyone moves so quickly. I may hear people call my name occasionally, but I don't turn around. In my neighbourhood, they just accept me. In Los Angeles, it's terrible. I'm followed a lot when I'm in my car and sometimes I think I'm losing my mind. It can be scary. But London is OK. Roydie and I were staying there recently and decided to have a night out at the Ivy. I know it's surrounded by photographers, so we just walked there. We didn't pull up in some fabulous car, so they all ignored us. But once I opened the door and walked inside, Oh, no - did you see who that was ? The point is, if you don't want to be noticed, don't make a fuss about the way you walk or behave. Just turn up as yourself, without any incredible looking cloths.

Liv, who wears a black jumper, jeans and flip-flops for our meeting, clearly prefers the casual look.
I had a crisis this morning and didn't know what to wear. I love to look at fashion magazines, but I just wear jeans most of the time. I have a huge collection of shoes, yet I end up mostly wearing these flip-flops. I bought three pairs from a Japanese market for a few dollars.

Liv has become wildly famous since the lord of the rings an is still having trouble adjusting to her new status.
I didn't really have an idea of how much attention we would all get as actors. So many people have lived with the Lord Of The Rings in their imaginations, that didn't want us to spoil it. When I finally saw the first film, I was blown away by it-absolutely floored. I'd found it confusing to be making three films at the same time because nothing was in any running order. To se this beautiful work of art was really amazing. The director Peter Jackson is a fan of the books and he made it with such care and attention. We're still working on the last movie now. The film was such a success that there's money available if we need to add scenes.

But work on the trilogy is nearly finished and Liv is concentrating on the future. She's currently filming a new movie near her home, a comedy called Jersey Girl - and is relishing being able to spend time with Royston.
I'm in love - and it's a wonderful state to be in

she says with a big smile.