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Liv for the moment

by Robin Lynch, New Idea, August 2004

Jersey Girl star Liv Tyler shares her thought's on having a family, her stellar career and maintaining beauty.

The flawlessly beautiful Lord of the Rings star is glowing with happiness over married life and being pregnant for the first time. Despite avoiding the Hollywood scene in favour of nights in with her husband. British rock star Royston Langdon, gorgeous Liv Tyler remains on the acting A list.
In new film Jersey Girl the 27-year- old stars as the inspiring Maya alongside Ben AffIeck, in the touching story of a man who becomes a father, then slowly learns to live and love again.

Was it fun working with Ben again, after playing his fiancee in Armageddon?
It's amazing. I adore Ben. Of all the actors l've worked with, I feel particular kind of comfort when I'm acting with him. We have a chemistry, even though we don't know each other that well. I don't hang out with him all the time, but we have a good way of communicating when we're acting. He's very generous and patient as an actor, and very gracious. It's impressive for someone who's such a big star. He doesn't have to be that way.

Was the scene where you and Ben's characters talk about sex awkward?
No, because that's my job. I was more nervous that day because everyone had already been shooting for a month, and I came on in the middle of the movie and had five pages of dialogue straight up, and I really didn't want to ruin the film! But I love this character, so it was really fun getting to say those things.

How did you get into the head of Maya?
I grew up in Portland, Maine, so I know what's like to grow up in a small town. And I'm very observant and I'm always watching everyone. I'm empathetic. It's just using your imagination. But I haven't been to New Jersey that much. So I was completely lying there!

Was it a circus on set because and Jennifer were engaged at the film?
When I wasn't working I would go home as it's only two hours away, so I didn't really spend time with them. I didn't get to know Jen at all. She was also making a record, and they'd shot all of their scenes together by the time I started.

How long did the shower scene take?
All day! And it was really gross, because we were on this sound stage, so it was pumped water from a tank or something, which was all dirty. It was yukky and not very nice.

Are you excited about starting a family?
I've always wanted to have kids, ever since I was very young. For some reason the age in my head was 25. I used to think I'd be such a grown-up by then. Family is really important to me.

Ethan Hawke says it's hard to have a family when your partner's also a star.
I have no idea what it's like to be in anyone else's relationship and I don't know what it's like to have kids yet, but Roy is so patient and cool with me and what I do. He's really supportive. He's not bothered by it all. Often he doesn't come with me to things because he'd rather do something else. He'd rather wait and see me when I get home.

Apparently you get a special facial to look good. What is it exactly?
They use these electric currents, and it sculpts and lifts. I don't know how much it does for me at 27, other than it does take the puff down. When you fly everything gets watery and puffy. Susan Sarandon and Oprah have it too. You don‘t need plastic surgery.

Are you a woman now?
I actually started feeling that way this year. I was so 'grown-up' at a young age. I'd seen the world, and no one believed I was only 14. So I went through being the mature young person. It wasn't until the past year or two that I went through adolescence!

What's it like being a star?
I grew up around famous people, so it's not a big deal. They were just people to me. But I still get shocked - having zillions scream your name, that is strange!

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