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Liv Forever

by Susannah Taylor, Glamour, May 2004.

Daughter of a rock god, princess of Lord of The Rings and queen of Givenchy... Liv Tyler reveals her beauty secrets to Susannah Taylor.

Liv Tyler has a special aura. Not the misty Amen-like haze she had in the Lord of the Rings, but a mixture at skin-glowing radiance, fabulous chic and relaxed cool that turns heads. When we meet, she's paired a chocolate brown trench with bare legs and cute ballet pumps. Her waist-length locks are tied in a loose ponytail and her beautiful lace is dewy-skinned and lightly made-up - no wonder she's the figurehead for Givenchy's new Le MakeUp range. In shops this month, it features fresh colours and light, skin-perfecting textures in seriously sexy packaging - which is why Liv's the ideal woman to put a modern twist on this classic French brand.

Liv's make-up dos and don'ts

We sneaked a peek inside Ms Tyler's handbag.

1 Do nourish your lips
"I can't live without my lip salve."

2 Do carry a lipstick
"If I'm in a rush I can pat it on my lips and cheeks."

3 Don't let spots show
"It's the one thing I'm vain about! I keep a tiny brush in my purse with cover-up on it at all limes!"

4 Do define your lashes
"With a little lip and some mascara on, I'm done for daytime."

Liv's skincare standards

"I'm a total product whore!" laughs Liv. "My mother, grandmother and father taught me about looking after my skin from a very young age. When you’re traveling as much as I do, you have to look after it."

1 Do cleanse, tone and moisturise
- always! "I'm obsessed with skincare. Dom Monaghan (hobbit Merry in the Lord of the Rings) looked a bit tired on our press tour so I put a head band on him and put scrubs, masks and serums on him. He looked much better afterwards!"

2 Do use face masks
"I go to Mario Badescu in NY for facials. Their face masks are great and I always have them with me."

3 Don't over - moisturise
"Heavier creams sometimes overlode my skin and I'll start breaking out. You need to let your skin breathe, especially at night."

4 Do stay healthy
"I always eat well and take vitamins - when I eat loads of fruit, salad and veg my pores look smaller and my skin more beautiful. I don't agree with high protein diets like Atkins - loads at oil comes out of your skin. Yuck!"

Liv's hair habits

"I'm really simple with my hair," says Liv. "I'm very lucky with it."

1 Don‘t use too much product
"The only product I always use is Frizz-Ease Lite Formula Hair Serum to stop it going fluffy."

2 Do deep condition
"I like my hair to feel really soft, so I always use Original Crema, which is a lifes-saving conditioner - then I just tie it back."

3 Don't do an '80s perm
"I had a horrid spiral perm in the '80s when I was 13. They did my bangs [fringe] as well - big mistake!"

4 Do take others' advice
"On a big night it's interesting to get others' advice on the way you look so you don't start to always look the same."

Liv’s guide to the body beautiful

"I find that if I exercise (which I always do) I feel a lot calmer and better able to cope with stress."

1 Do plenty of Pilates
"I've been doing a lot of Pilates recently, which always makes me feel really long and stretched out... I don't really like the feeling of going to a huge gym and running around for ages like a hamster on a wheel!"

2 Do indulge in a spa
"I love going to spas but in London I have only ever been to The Sanctuary in Covent Garden. I used to swim naked there when it was empty as it was 3 'chicks onIy' place!"

3 Don't get craggy skin
"I like to moisturise with simple products. I actually like mildly fragranced body products that have a baby powder or lemony smell like Mustela products."

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