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"I really want to have kids!"

by Jenny Ewart, Star Magazine, April 2004.

The elfin actress spills the beans about modelling make-up, married life and making babies...

Liv Tyler's striking looks and grounded attitude have earned the star of The Lord Of The Rings a reputation as one of Hollywood's most promising talents. At 26, the former model and face of Givcnchy is part of Hollywood's in crowd, and counts Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna as friends. The daughter of Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler, Liv is married to Royston Langdon former frontman of Brit rock band Spacehog. With new movie Jersey Girl - which also stars Ben Affleck and J.Lo - set for release. Liv tells Star about married life, her plans for kids, and what it takes to keep her one of the world's most stunning actresses.

You've been with Royston for quite a few years. What’s your secret?

"I don't have it all figured out - we're just compatible. We're patient and understanding, we love each other and we're good friends it just works. We work very well together, but it's also really important for us both to focus, to be apart. He can't write music if I'm breathing down his neck the whole time. I guess it's just the way we are."

In Jersey Girl your character is sexually very open. Are you like that too?

"It depends who I'm with. Or how many cocktails I've had! I've never approached a guy. You might think so, but I haven't. I've been with my husband for six years and before that I was with Joaquin [Phoenix] for three years, so I 've never been a big dater. But I have lots of beautiful girlfriends who date all the time. They don't have any luck finding the right guy, and I think: 'What's going on? You're amazing.'"

How do you know when you're in love?

"You just know. It takes over everything, and you just know."

What was it like growing up with famous folks? [Liv's mum was model Bebe Buell]

"My family dynamic was never normal. but I grew up in Maine and went to school like everybody else. It wasn't until I moved to New York that I started modelling and acting. But even then i went to school everyday, and would only go to auditions afterwards."

You’re pals with Stella McCartney. Does she ever send you clothes?

"Sometimes, I've grown up around fashion and I like getting the chance to play different characters - I've always been very girlie. I used to light with my grandmother about what I could wear to school - even when I was six years old!"

Are you still into the girlie look?

"No, especially as I'm getting older. I appreciate tailoring, and am friends with Alexander McQueen, who's a genius. I'm so lucky people give me things or let me borrow them."

How did the Givenchy contract come about? Wasn't Audrey Hepburn the last person they gave a contract to?

"They just offered me a contract to do the fragrance and cosmetics. A model, Paulina Porizkova, was responsible for me becoming known. She took some pictures of me when I was 14 and introduced me to modelling. She had a contract with Estée Lauder, and I remember she always said: 'Get a cosmetics contract, because it's great.'" I have a four-year contract, and I get paid each year. So it's good security, and I don't have to take any old movie just to make money. Also, Paulina's entire bathroom was filled with all kinds of free make-up and creams. And I was like: 'Yaa-ah!'"

You have amazing skin...

"Thank you - I've my family to thank because my mom, dad and grandmother have all got beautiful skin. But I have to take good care of mine - especially as I travel so much. This week I was in LA for ten days. Then I flew home and had to get up yesterday morning and go to a benefit. I only had about four hours sleep - then came here this morning!"

What's the one thing you do to keep fresh?

"I take vitamins. But I'm not good with drinking a lot of water - I wish I was better. I do a lot of masks and stuff, and I get facials. But honestly, I find that if my diet is good then my skin's really good. If I eat a lot of crap I break out in seconds."

How do you stay in shape?

"I do have to work out. If I ate what I wanted all the time I'd be a lot heavier than I am now. I've been on more of a raw diet - 1 don't eat that much meat, just a lot of fruit and vegetables, and maybe fish. That whole Atkins protein thing didn't work for me at all. I have a trainer and I do Pilates. A lot of my work is mental rather than physical, so it's important to release some energy physically. It helps my mind work better."

In Jersey Girl you wear glasses. Do you wear them off screen?

"Kevin [Smith, the director] saw me in my glasses one day and liked it. I have glasses for driving and for watching films - and for reading the autoeuc at the Oscars!"

You visit London a lot. What do you like about it?

"I don't spend as much time there as I'd like, because we live in New York. I love shopping in London. I've lots of friends there who I love seeing. I always have a good time."

Are British men better than American guys?

"Oh, God, I don't know. Royston's so funny and he's such a gentleman he has such beautiful manners. He treats me like a lady and is really intelligent. He was raised well, but I know a lot of English boys who don't have those traits - and lots of American ones who don't have them either!"

Do you plan to have children?

"I'm born under Cancer, which is supposedly a very motherly sign. I can remember being six years old and wishing that I had more siblings. I've always known I wanted a family, so I'm definitely looking forward to having children. But, as in Jersey Girl, there's a lot of pressure in today's society about your career. It's like: 'You can't have a kid now because of your career.' Or vice versa: 'You can't work now; you have to focus on your family.' I'm not ready yet, but I really want to have children."

Careerwise, what are your plans?

"I've never had any kind of a career plan. I read so many scrips but I'm really just drawn to the director the director is everything. No matter how good the script is, if the director isn't amazing you don't have a good movie. The picture that I'm doing next [Lonesome Jim] only has a budget of about $300.000, but Steve Buscemi is directing it. I've never done anything like it in my life, and I've no idea what it's going to be like, but I really love the script and I really love Steve, so I'm just going to go for it."

Sounds like a good plan to us!

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