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10 things I can't live without

by Jennifer Graham, Marie Claire, April 2004.

When you're living on the road (last trip: five countries in two weeks), home is where your pj's are... and your vitamin C. Here, the Jersey Girl star gives us a peek inside her suitcase - and her very private life.

A camera

The big thing I can't live without? My camera. But I'm learning not to see everything as a Kodak moment. The truth is, as soon as you start documenting the moment, you're stepping outside of it. Lately, I've been using an automatic Leica. I used to use a digital camera, and I would download all my photos to store them on my computer. But then I took my computer to a shop to be fixed-and some jerk stole the pictures and tried to sell them!

My husbands picture

I took this picture of my husband [former Spacehog frontman Royston Langdon, right] around the time we got married in March of 2003. Roy, my best friend, and I were sitting on the beach taking pictures of each other; in this photo, he was just making out, reading his book. It's a beautiful memory for me. And when I travel, I try to make my hotel room into a nice-memory bubble. But Roy and I always put our time apart to good use. When I go oil to make a movie, I use the time to figure out my character and hang out with the east. And while I'm gone, Roy can focus on his work [in a new, as-yet-unnamed band] in a way that he couldn't if I were home, because I'd be distracting him all the time. During my last trip, Roy wrote, like, seven new songs. I got to listen to them all when I got back. I do miss Roy when I travel, of course-and sometimes even when I'm home! Right now, I've been back in New York for a whole week, and the only time I've gotten to see him is when we go to sleep at night. I've been running around so much, and there are hair and makeup people in and out of our house and bags of clothes everywhere. But I'm lucky, because he is very patient.

Face lotions and potions

I'm only 26, so I'm not really thinking about wrinkles yet. And I actually like character lines on peoples faces-they make a person beautiful. I think if someone smiles and doesn't have little creases on the sides of their eyes, they look like a robot. But I do a lot of photo shoots, and my skin gets tired from all that make-up. So I use lots of creams and moisturizers. And whenever I'm traveling, I do a face mask every other day. My dad [Steven Tyler of Aerosmith] and I are always exchanging products. I sent him face oils last year-all the way from New Zealand! He may be a rock star, but he takes incredible care of his skin.


It's a miracle that I'm not sick right now. I just flew around the world Japan, New Zealand, Berlin, London, Los Angeles doing interviews for my last movie, The Lord of the Rings; The Return of the King, on only four hours of sleep a night! It was fun, but I'm so tired that I can hardly stand on my legs! Everyone's been getting sick but me. Luckily, I always have these raspberry-flavored vitamin-C packets that my grandmother sends me, and they've saved my life-or at least my sinuses. It's a powder that I pour into a bottle of Evian water and carry around with me. I've been drinking, like, four or five of them a day. When I travel, I stay well with them, and I also take a lot of other kinds of vitamins and get massages when I can. And I try to be happy. I know it sounds crazy, but when you're sad, I think you're more prone to getting sick.

My Kings of leon CD

Kings of Leon is my favorite band right now. I dance around my hotel room to their Youths & Young Manhood CD. In private, I have this weird chicken dance that I do to music I like! I just went to their recent gig in London. I'm friends with the band, so I could have watched the show from the side of the stage, but it's not as much fun that way. Even when I go see my dad perform, I hate standing on the side. You can't really feel the energy of the audience - I like being right there. I'm a total front-row girl when I can brave it, but this gig was crazy, so I stood in the back. My British friends Kate Moss and Stella McCartney came out with me, too. Stella and I became friends through other friends. And through fashion I love her clothes. Growing up, I didn't know any other kids who had rock-star parents. But now. Sean Lennon is a good friend, too. I really adore him. I think Sean is always amazed by his father and really inspired by him. Sometimes I think [rock stars' kids] feel bad about it, like it's a crutch. "Oh, I'll never be able to shod this thing. I'm always gonna be 'the child of. .' But I'm so proud of my dad and mom [former 1970s model Bebe Buell]. And I don't mind that I'm always going to he 'the daughter of,' because it's just who I am. But I'm also proud that I've been able to be my own person.

A photo of my dog

Neal is our 10-month-old puppy - a King Charles spaniel. I chose his breed because I think he looks like Roy! He has similar coloring and long, curly, floppy eats, like Roy's hair.

Shanghai Tang PJs

A million years ago, Kate Moss told me about these comfy pajamas from Shanghai Tang. They come in every color, and they're adorable. I always take them on planes, along with my cashmere blanket, so I can sleep well during the flight. When I get on a plane, I always go to the bathroom and wash my face, brush my teeth, and put on my pj's. They're so comfy that I'll be able to sleep for, like, 12 hours. They're also great when you're alone in the hotel room and cold because you're not spooning with your honey. Honestly, when I'm home, I usually sleep in not-very-attractive cotton nightgowns. And on weekends in the winter, when we go up to our country house, I love to wake up and stay in my pajamas all day. I do have lots of beautiful lingerie, but I never wear it!

My big booties

I got these slippers in New Zealand, at a sheepskin warehouse. They're my 'big booties!' I wear them all the time. I wear a size 10 in shoes, and I really need my feet to be comfortable and warm especially on a plane. The booties are big, but I still take them everywhere I go - I'm definitely a pack rat in that way. It's funny, because Roy just throws, like, three things in his bag. I'm like, 'Baby, you can't live in that for three weeks!' So I'm always sneaking things into his bag for him. That way, when he goes for that extra pair of socks, I know it'll be there.

Movie scripts

I'm always reading scripts; my agent sends me, like, five a week. I don't get to read enough books because of that, and I'm sad about it. But scripts are like little books, and sometimes they're great reading - if you connect with them. A lot of times, the female characters are not as present as you would wish. The last movie I filmed, Jersey Girl, was written by Kevin Smith [who also wrote Clerks and Dogma]. He writes these perfect girl characters - awesome and funny and smart and outgoing, but also complicated and fucked up. The Jersey Girl set was definitely an adjustment for me. I'd just done Lord of the Rings, where I shot practically everything on a blue screen without other actors. lt's sort of ridiculous, but I got used to the idea that what I did on that screen wouldn't be exactly what wound up in the movie. I'd be airbrushed to look more luminous. Things would be enhanced, sped up, slowed down, added. I've always wanted to do a movie where I just sit in a diner and talk to another actor, with pages of dialogue, or just improvising. And my first day on the set of Jersey Girl, I sat in a diner and had five pages of rambling dialogue. I thought, This is exactly what I asked for! - but it was really hard.

My favorite smells

When I'm moving from hotel to hotel and nothing's familiar, I use my sense of smell to trigger memories of home. I always take Diptyque Tuberose candles with me - it only takes one to smell up the whole room beautifully. Lately, I'm also likely to bring Nag Champa incense. Lots of people burn it while meditating, but I just like its smell. I should meditate. I wish I did. My final item is Shu Uemura Pleasure of Japanese Bath oil. Pour it in the tub, and it's like being in a room full of cherry blossoms. I put on a face mask and a CD-something like Sam Cooke or Chet Baker-light candles, and draw a bath. And, for a little while at least, I forget that I'm far from home.

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