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Liv Tyler in High School

Dolly, March 2004.

What were you like as a teenager?

"I was a regular teenager who sort of floated through life. I was a tomboy - all my fiends were boys. I had braces and permed hair and was chubby till I was about 15. I was also really tall and all my friends came up to my armpits! I was a real dork."

What was it like for you to find out that the man who raised you wasn't actually your real dad?

"Everybody thinks I grew up with this rock'n'roll lifestyle. But I grew up in a small town with my mum, and had a secure and happy childhood. When I was 10, I found out that my father ['70s rocker Todd Rundgren] wasn't my real father. My real dad [Steven Tyler from Aerosmith] used to come and visit us a lot and I noticed that his daughter Mia [now a model], looked a lot like me. Later, my mother told me that Steven was my biological father. It was strange. It's been amazing to get to know him as an adult."

How did you first get into modelling as a career?

"When I was 14, my mum's friend [model Paulina Porizkova] got me all dressed up and took pictures of me - It was fun. It just sort of happened after that. I hated modelling. I did It for the money and for the adventure of being able to travel to a lot of exotic locations. Then, when I was 16, some movie people called and asked me to audition for them, which I did. Later, there was a photo of me in a newspaper and an agent saw it - the next thing I knew I was in his office with my mum and he signed me. A few months later, I got my fits film."

What did you want to grow up to be?

"When I was a kid, all I wanted to be was a singer I didn't know anything about acting because I grew up around musicians."

Your parents are obviously cool because they're musicians, but were you ever embarrassed by them when you were growing up?

"My mum used to take me to school in our blue Volkswagen car. She would drive right up to the front, still in her pyjamas, and drop me off while honking the horn, saying, 'Bye, honey', And if I had been a brat, she would say, 'You better behave or I'll walk you to the door!' My mother and father and Todd were always sort of, I don't know if wild is the right word, but they were definitely different from your normal mum and dad. Very creative."

Did you do things your mum didn't like?

"My mum had all these beautiful clothes and make-up, and in the bathroom all her jewellery was pinned to the wall... It was more than a girl could ever dream of! When she went out, she'd always say. 'Don't get into my stuff; and the first than I would do was go mad dressing up."

When was your first kiss?

"I didn't have my first kiss until I was 14. I had boyfriends but I don't think it was real love."

Were you o good student when you were at school?

"I was a big oaf in class. I was always hyperactive and I had attention deficit disorder and dyslexia. But I was always happy to be in school. I loved to learn and I loved to talk - I was probably just annoying! I was always half-adult and half-idiot. When I was around adults, I'd be mature but when I was around my friends, I'd just go nuts with excitement. My principal understood and was always really kind to me - he helped me graduate."

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