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People talks Oscars

People Magazine, March 2004.

Train wrecks
Liv Tyler and Catherine Zeta-Jones got stuck when people landed on their trains. And Vera Wang's was trampled so badly she had to take a break "to have it sewn," she said.

Liv Tyler in Givenchy
At the Givenchy show in January, "this came down the runway, and I was like, 'I want it,'" said the Lord of the Rings heroine. One of the best parts of Ring fame? "Having children really think I'm a princess."

"We had so many things" to do, she said of the behind-the-scenes ritual. "Manicure, hair and makeup - it takes hours."

Music to dress to? "I relaxed to Billie Holiday," said actress.

Beautifully composed for the limo ride to the theater, she later lamented: "I wish I'd eaten!"

Her date for the event: Husband Royston Langdon, formerly of the band Spacehog.

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