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Interview for Cosmopolitan

Swedish Cosmopolitan, December 2002

Why do you wear flip-flops ? It is so cold this time of year.
I know! I have the most fabulous shoe collection at home, but I still wear this everyday. (A Japan flip-flop shoe on a very well pedicure and "big" foot is landing on the table). I bought them at a market in Tokyo.

What is the favourite shoe designer ?
Prada, but everyone loves Prada. I have many Prada-shoes in my closet. Unused.

Do you love shopping ?
I need to go out shopping. Now! It panicked this morning I had absolutely nothing to wear. I haven't bought something new in a very long time now, just travelling around.

Where have you been ?
Mostly in London. My boyfriend (musician Royston Langdon) lives there. But we had to re-shoot some scenes to Lord Of The Rings The Two Towers, so I have been in New Zealand for about tree weeks.

You have a beautiful ring on your hand- are you engaged ?
I don't want to say that to you.

How long have you and Roy been together ?
Four years this autumn, but is feels like we just meet. He's on tour a lot so we never get to see each other so much. Were still newly in love.

In Lord Of The Rings, you and Viggo Mortensen are so in love that just an elf and the hero can be - how was it to have him as your lover boy ? You see Viggo is a big Cosmo favourite ...
Viggo is so cool! Everybody at the crew loved him. But he was just interested about his son, unfortunately. He had so many photography of him on his mirror so he couldn't barley see himself.

So he's not that kind of vain then ?
Not a bit! One day someone hit him with a sword in the face and one of his teeth was plopping out. The team wanted him to go to a dentist, but Viggo putted some superglow on and the toot was fixed.

Describe your style!
I am mixing everything; old and new, expensive and cheap. Mostly I wear jeans and a feminine blouse and snickers.

Clothes or Make-up ?
Clothes! I don't use make-up that much.

You have the most perfect skin - how do you do it ?
I do some facial treatment sometimes at Tracie Martins, New York.

Tell us about the most needless thing you ever bought.
I bought some special washing detergent, design Tocca. It cost me 13 Dollars and it was a very little package ... but it smells wonderful.

Is it hard to be a celebrity in New York ?
So many celebrities live here and the tempo is high so nobody is recognised you. It's so much worse in London, the paparazzi is following you everywhere. But Roy and I have learnt some new trick ... we walk everywhere. The celebrities in London take the cab!

We've heard that you have got the leading role in a new movie about Betty Page - the world's most famous pin-up girl ?
That project has been on forever, but we never get anywhere. I was so young when we stared the whole thing, and I can tell you that it is very hard and complicated to get stared. It is still my dream role, and it feels like it is going to be like that forever!

We have also heard that it is going to be a movie about you and your childhood, are you involved in that project to ?
What ? Certainly not! I have never heard about that, you can't do that whiteout asking me - that would be terrible!

You have been working since age 14 and you acutely doesn't have any education, do you regret that you quit school ?
I was restless, dyslectic and counted concentrate. But when I stared filming and got more responsible my grades became better. The fact is that I had so much things to do so I never had time for alcohol and drugs. I don't think it's the way for everyone, but is worked for me.

Do you ever feel that you have to look in a special way to get a film role ?
I have always been big (178 cm.) and as a child I was fat. I work out in the gym to stay in shape and I always think about what I'm eating. But so far I've got these roles that fits me. I have never ever been put on a diet for a role.