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Interview for Australian Sain, with Orlando Bloom

by Anna Whitelaw, Australian Sain, January 2004.

As the world gears up for the final film in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, Return Of The King, Anna Whitelaw meets its two young stars, Liv Tyler and Orlando Bloom.

It is two in the afternoon in Wellington, New Zealand and it is the day before the world premiere of Return Of The King. Over three hundred teenage fans have swarmed outside the hotel waiting to mob the pair when they leave. The next day, over 100,000 fans crowd the streets of Wellington to catch a glimpse of the pair as they spend two hours signing autographs and posing for photographers. At one point, Tyler even throws her stilettos in the crowd and walks barefoot along the red carpet.

Tyler and Bloom are practically inseparable the whole weekend, not that they want you to get the wrong idea. (She's recently married her long-term fiance Royston Langdon from Brit pop band Spaoehog and he's dating Blue Crush's Kate Bosworth).

Are you sad about the whole Lord Of The Rings experience ending?

Liv Tyler: It's a combination of so sad and so emotional. We watched the movie yesterday and cried for like the last hour, but it's also really exciting because we've accomplished so much.

Orlando Bloom: Its like having a huge Christmas gift at the end of every year where you get to see your mates and you get this gift of the movie you've all been in, and it's wicked. Now that's not going to happen anymore and I can't quite believe it.

How challenging was it to play your characters?

0B: It was great to be an Elf. They’re pretty amazing characters to inhabit for 18 months or more. You'd never seen an Elf before so you could really get your teeth into physically becoming this being. Doing the archery or doing the horse riding... But I tell you what, man, I'm a mere mortal. I am not an elf in real life. It was quite a tall order to assume the responsibility of that character. Thank god, I've got Pete on my side and I had a few hard words to my digital double, to make sure he knew exactly what to do at the right time.

Did you enjoy working with Peter Jackson? What's his secret to getting such great performances from actors?

OB: He's got this whip. Whenever you're not doing enough work, he pulls out this whip and goes, 'Here's the whip!'. [Liv squeals with laughter] He's just a very humble, gracious, loving kind of guy and he's got an incredible appetite for life and a zest for living...

LT: He doesn't have an ego as a director. He's willing to listen and admit his mistakes, too, when he makes them, not that he ever really makes any. A lot of times, you'll meet directors and they‘ll be like, their way is the only way. [Peter] created this world where we could all become these people and then he could conduct us.

How are you coping with fame?

LT: I think because it's the world premiere and everyone knows we've here... it's really heightened. But, you can really live a normal life if you want to. Its sort of how you present yourself. If you want everyone to notice you, then they will. But you can also kind of hide out.

OB: I mean, I can walk outside right now and psyche myself into thinking that I'm not going to be able to deal with the situation, but if you just go about your business.

LT: It's like Spinal Tap. It's like 'Oh no, here they come...' and then they run past to go to the other band. [Laughs] I've had things like that happen before.

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