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Liv on Shop till you Drop
Luscious Liv

Shop till you Drop, January 2004.

Dream McQueen

Liv has worn a trio of Alexander McQueen outfits to the Lord of The Rings premieres. In 2001, she slipped into a red suit for the London debut of The Fellowship of the Ting. At 202 Paris premiere of The Two Towers, she went for all-out glamour in a pink corset gown. In LA for the premiere of The Return of the King, Liv opted for a breathtaking black McQueen gown. "His tailoring is sensational," she says. "You feel pretty and womanly. He cuts for curves, but you also don't feel like you're hanging out." In return, the English designer says, "You wear the clothes, they shouldn't wear you... Liv embodies this idea beautifully."

Style Star

At 26, Tyler has conquered the silver screen and created a unique allure feted by the fashion world.

It was her role as Arwen in the Lord of the Rings trilogy that made the world really notice 26-year-old Liv Tyler. Sure we knew her as the sensual offshoot of Aerosmith's frontman Steven Tyler, but his daughter has become a star in her own right and in her own way.

Formidable talent aside, she is elegant, fresh-faced and seems to possess the unerring ability to match the outfit to the occasion. There'e also a quality to her dress sense that blends old-school Winona Ryder style with indie rock-chick cred. Although she has set red carpet alight in everything from a Donna Karan polka-dot dress to a Stella McCartney black satin trousers suit, and had plenty of couture moments in Alexander McQueen, since filming Lord of the Rings in New Zealand, Tyler has fallen for local labels such as Zambesi and Karen Walker.

"I never got a chance to shop for other labels when I was in Auckland but would have loved to see what else the place had to offer," Tyler explains, "I have mostly purchased Zambesi and Kaen Walker because it suit me and fit my own personal style."

Tyler was also selected by Givenchy to promote the new fragrance, Very Irresistible, and her involvement with the brand has recently extended to the clothing line, designed by Welshman Julien Macdonald. According to the fashion house, Tyler was chosen because she represented elegance, audacity and freshness.

"For me there's more to it than just being the face of something I don't care about," Tyler says. "I am really into the Givenchy products and love their make-up (not available in Australia). It's always good to endorse something you use and really love."

Tyler who married fomer Spacehog singer Royston Langdon in March 2003, began modeling at the age of 14 but grew tired of the industry early on. We first saw Tyler in Aerosmith's 'Crazy' video in 1994 and although her first commercial success on the big screen was alongside Ben Affleck in Armageddon, she also had a role in the indie cult movie Heavy with Evan Dando and Deborah Harry.

However, it was director Bernardo Bertolucci who best captured Tyler's iconic beauty as Tuscan temptress Lucy Hamon in 1996's Stealing Beauty. "I guess I am just someone who comes across as being quite natural and keeps style very simple - yet there's something irresistible about it. You can't buy style, you definitely have to know how to mix-and-match. I try to go for things that suit my body shape and my taste. You can't always strictly follow fashion - you have to let it follow you."

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