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Liv on M-Celeb
Living the life of Liv

M-Celeb, December 2003.

Liv Tyler, the rock star's daughter who became an EIf Princess, is happy glamming it up in Givenchy or supping a pint in a Yorkshire pub. But what really makes her tick?

Rock'n'roll beginnings

Once upon a time a beautiful blue-eyed blonde model Bebe Buell ran off with a rock star, Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, after her live-in lover, musician Todd Rundgren, had an affair. Despite falling pregnant by Steven. Bebe wasn't happy with his gargantuan appetite for drugs and went back to Todd after Liv was born. Liv, now 26, explains: "I had a happy childhood really. One of the most striking moments was meeting my real dad for the first time when I was eight. I'd always thought my dad was Todd, but it turned out my real dad was Steven. We got along fine and still do. I didn't feel bitter or anything like that. It was just great to put everything in place and get to know my dad. "

"I think I was a normal child." Liv continues. "Mick Jagger often visited so I suppose that was not quite the same as for other kids. But I used to do all the things other kids did and particularly liked The Dukes Of Hazzard. Just because you have an unusual life yourself I don't think it means your kids can't have a normal life."

Sister act

Liv first met her half-sister Mia, also 26, at an Aerosmith concert in 1988, but only found out they were related months later. The sisters are now very close and Mia even followed Liv's example and recently got married herself - on stage at an Aerosmith concert in Las Vegas.


Following in the footsteps of her glamorous mum, Liv put her famous pout to good use by starting as a model. "I was 14 when I started modeling. My mum took me to live in New York and it wasn't long before I was getting work, but when I was 16 I gave it up to concentrate on acting. I was named after an actress - Liv Ullman, I still get asked to model, so it's there if I want it, but acting is much more an expression of thought." Liv appeared in three films before finding fame starring with Joseph Fiennes and Jeremy Irons in Stealing Beauty.

Wedded bliss

Liv and hubby Royston Langdon repeated their vows in front of family and celebrity friends in New York, and Liv reckons: "One day I am going to settle down in a house in the country, miles from anywhere and have a family, probably four kids, and lots of animals." Since she's already a member of her father-in-law's working men's club, the New Headingley Social Club, and she was spotted taking Kate Moss for a pint there, residents of Yorkshire should keep their eyes peeled.

"Seeing my Lord Of The Rings model was strange. I looked at this tiny version of me and just thought, wow!"

Celebrity friends

Naturally Liv's beast mates are s starr-studded bunch and she's always at A-list events like Stella McCartney's wedding. "There are a whole gang of us who keep in touch," she says. "We go out when we can. Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow, Stella and of course Mia, my sister, are among them. We're all good pals."

Diet dilemmas

While sister Mia is a plus-size model, Liv is tall and slim. But comfortingly, she struggles like the rest of us and the 5ft 10in actress hated having to keep her weight to just 9 stone while playing Arwen in The Lord Of The Rings. When filming ended she put on 2 stone. "I was sick and tired of starving myself to look thin. Now I'm fat but happy. I feel more comfortable at this weight - and I'm enjoying my food. I don't care what people think." And being part Italian doesn't help. "I try to exercise and that helps, but put a plate of italian or indian in front of me and I'll clear the whole lot. I guess I keep away from too many sweet things so that probably helps a little bit."

Bad habits

Although Liv's no match for her hell-raising father, she's not entirely innocent. She gave up smoking after 12 years but still has the odd puff. "but not in front of children". The stunning actress also admits dabbling with drugs. "I haven't tried many drugs," she says, "and I don't enjoy them. I haven't done any I hard stuff but I drink a little bit sometimes. I like a good Italian red wine."

Naked ambition

Ms Tyler won't be getting her kit off any time soon and even persuaded producers of her film Onegin - she beat Kate Winslet to the part - to cut a nude scene "As soon as you do that it's all over the internet and in Celebrity Skin," says Liv. "Those magazines are hysterical but I don't want to be in them. There's plenty of time for me to do that stuff if I want to."

Plastic fantastic?

Liv already knows how to make the best of her assets. Despite rumors of collagen lip implants, she has no intention of going under the knife to enlarge her chest, preferring fashion trickery instead. "For one character I played I tried everything from Wonderbras to silicone padding for some gravity-defying cleavage. I eventually whipped the shoulder pads out of my jacket, stuffed them into my bra - and it worked." Clever girl.

Boys, boys, boys

Lovely Liv was linked to unknown actor Johnny Whitworth and was dating Gladiator star Joaquin Phoenix when the foolish boy made the mistake of introducing her to Spacehog singer and bassist Royston Laangdon - who she promptly fell in love with. In true film star style she married the Leeds-born musician in a secret spur of the moment ceremony in Barbados in March. "Love is everything. I had a big crush on him before we got together. Even now I just drool and get weak at the knees when he performs."

"I was sick and tired of starving myself to look thin, so when filming for The Lord Of The Rings finished, I put on two stone."

Northern lights

"I grow up in Portland, Maine but when I was 14 my mom took me to live in New York," says Liv. However, she is getting more and more attached to the North of England. "I love Leeds and the area around it," the actress raves. "I love the Roman ruins and rolling hills. It's so beautiful Roydie's mum taught me how to make roast potatoes, but I haven't been able to do a Yorkshire pudding by myself yet!" As long as she steers clear of Nora Batty stockings, we're sure Royston will forgive her.

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