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Lord Of The Rings Special at Empire Magazine

Empire Magazine, December 2003.

What are your memories of first getting the role of Arwen?
I was like, "Oh my goodness, what am I getting myself into? Will they like me? How the hell will I be able to speak Elvish?!"

What is your character's defining moment?
Finally getting to be with her sweet love Aragorn after so much waiting.

What is your fondest memory of New Zealand?
The sweetness of the people and their true enthusiasm for the films. And (herbalist) Margarest Hema's facials and products.

Describe Peter Jackson in three words
Kind, strong, Hobbit!

Why do you think Rings has been so successful?
I don't think I'm so good at answering questions like this.

Are your Rings colleagues going to be friends for life?
Yes, absolutely. Hopefully I will be able to keep in touch with every one. Though I have the biggest soft spot for Orlando, my little Elvin brother. And I adore Fran (Walsh) and Philippa (Boyens), the extraordinary writers and my inspiration for all of Arwen.

What's your favourite piece of Lord of The Rings memorabilia?
My Elvin sword that Peter and Fran give to me when I wrapped the films. Though I'm still waiting for it to get through customs.

Which of the other roles would you like to have played?
Bill the pony.

What was the toughest thing you had to do?
Act with a pink golf ball instead of other actors. And learning to ride horses.

How does it feel to say goodbye?
In some ways it feels like graduating from high school for me. I feel emotional and scared of what comes next. Though I feel excited, after four years of hard work, to move on with my life. And take what I have learned as an actress and a person and apply it to the future.

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