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So Shoot Me

by Rosie Green, UK ELLE, September 2003.

Hundreds extras, millions euros, dogs with their own entourages and a very early for Liv Tyler. How the making-of tv ad for Givenchy's Very Irresistible fragrance was no strolling tuileries.

Early bird
as star of Givenchy Tv ad, Liv has to be in her trailer by 5.30am ( actual arrival time 6.15am). Do we feel sorry for her? Not with her multi-million-dollar pay cheque for the shoot.

Doggie diva
this dog has a stylist, trainer and agent, and he still can't bile on a bone when the director wants

Posing in the park
Liv is perfect in the role of an Audery Hepburnesque American actress having a ball in Paris

It's a long story
Liv's ankles feel the breeze when she ventures outside her trailer after three hours of hair and make-up

The cat in the hat
Liv's rock'n'roll genes come to the fore

Blushing beauty
harsh lights mean more maqulliage. Givenchy make-up artist Nicolas Degennes colours Liv beautiful

Pre-teen paparazzi
hired for the shoot. So much more photogenic than the real thing

Hat trick
Liv's big-brimmed number is attached to chicken wire, so an assistant can make it look like the wind just whipped it off on cue.

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