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In the closet

UK Marie Claire, September 2003.

She's wooed Hollywood with her elfin looks and has now been snapped up by Givenchy, but as Nicole Smallwood discovers, there's more to Liv Tyler than a pretty face. Photograph by Bertrand Desprez.

"I love getting dressed up to go out somewhere special. I don't really have a favourite designer, it changes all the time."

What book are you reading?
Mercy Alexander, which is by my friend, George Tiffin.

Ideal Sunday
Walking in the country with my husband, Roy and my dog, Neil.

When was the last time you cried?
When filming wrapped on Lord Of The Rings, our best bits were played to us - it was so emotional.

Strangest experience to date
Seeing my Lord Of The Rings character as a doll. I used to collect Barbies but never dreamed that one day. I'd be made into a toy.

Essential travel items
Pink pyjamas from Shanghai Tanq, recommended by my friend Kate Moss; my make-up bag.

Favourite children's tv programmes
The Dukes of Hazzard, The Brady Bunch.

Health tips
Stay away from sweet things; Take vitamins; Don't eat too many Indian takeaways.

Favourite places in the world
Leeds - my husband's family are from there; New York - because it's my home; New Zealand - it's so lush and green.

Childhood memories
Mick Jagger, making frequent appearances at my house.

Style icons
Kate Moss; Bianca Jagger; People who have their own individual style.

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