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Liv gets married, again!

In Touch, May 2003.

Gorgeous Lord of the Rings star Liv Tyler slipped off to Barbados to marry her fiance of two years,rock singer Royston Langdon, in March, but decided to have another wedding ceremony in New York for all their friends and family. Liv, 25, and Royston, 31, certainly deserved a second ceremony - they waited two years for the first! They had trouble finding a date that didn‘t clash with the concert schedules of her dad, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, her singer mom Bebe Buell and her husband's band Spacehog.
"They kept putting it off. trying to accommodate everyone's schedules." said Bebe'e former boyfriend, Todd Rundgren. "I guess they got tired of waiting." So the couple renewed their vows and threw star-studded bash at Balthazar, a trendy New York restaurant.

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