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Interview for Cine

Cine Magazine, December 2002, Scans and translation by Diana

With a magnetism that fills the screen and unconventional beauty, inherited from her former-model mother and her rockstar father - whom she discovered when she was a teenager, are the tricks of this young actress. Liv Tyler graced the covers of teen magazines, before being the protagonist of a videoclip for the rock band whose leader is her father - Aerosmith. But it's the cinema where she has proven her talent, with the help of film masters as Bertolucci and Altman. Nowadays the princess Arwen in Lord of the Rings, Liv, has no problem transforming her physique when the transcript or the prestige of the director demands.

It has been said that Liv Tyler (July 1st 1977, Portland, Maine) has an unusual beauty, marked by lips inherited, without a doubt, from her father Steven, the leader of Aerosmith. The resemblance between them is clear, and because of that Liv discovered she isn't the daughter of Todd Rundgren, also a rocker, as she had believed. But it didn't happen until she was 12 years old ...
When her mother, Bebe Buell model and rock groupie in the seventies, was pregnant from Steven, the singer was hooked up on drugs. She didn't want her baby to be born in such atmosphere, so she said nothing to Tyler about his upcoming paternity. It was Todd Rundgren who signed the birth certificate when the baby was born. Later, the model came back to Maine to raise the baby with her family.

Years after that, Liv saw that she had no resemblance with Todd but with Steven, that friend of the family who was frequently visiting the mother and daughter. It wasn't long before she confirmed he was her biological father. At the age of 12 Liv changed her surname to Tyler. "To know that Steve was my father didn't make me a different person, but things have changed since then", affirms the actress. That wasn't a shock for her, but an incredible "bless". "There are people who have no father at all, I have two!"

Liv began her career when she was 14, as a model, being on the cover of a few teen magazines. Her first acting experience was in a TV advertisement, but it wasn't before 1994 when she really introduced as an actress: she appeared in Crazy, one of the videoclips of her father's band, with Alicia Silverstone, who was unknown then; Also made her cinema debut with Silent Fall along with Richard Dreyfuss and Linda Hamilton.

Tyler was a "model who acts" until she got her big opportunity in 1996, thanks to Bernardo Bertrolucci. The Italian director was looking for a girl who could radiate innocence and desire at the same time, that was able to portray the changing from the teens to maturity, and he was close to lose hope finding someone like that, when he found Liv. With Stealing Beauty, the young girl became the new femenine promise of Hollywood. On the same year she worked with Tom Hanks in his debut as a director with That Thing You Do!, the story of a music group from the seventies, and she had a cameo in Everyone Says I Love You, by Woody Allen, that was cut out of the film eventually. After that came Inventing The Abbotts (1997) and the sci-fi super-production Armaggedon (1998) where she portrayed the role of Bruce Willis's daughter, and Aerosmith made the original soundtrack for the movie.

A year later, Robert Altman called Liv and offered her a role in the critical-acclaimed Cookie's Fortune. The young woman didn't think twice, even when the director asked her to cut her hair short for the shooting. "It's a privilege to work with someone like Robert, so you can't say no to him" , said the actress - "Besides, I knew that the hair would grow again ..."

Nowadays, Tyler is involved in the epic by Peter Jackson - The Lord Of The Rings. She is the elven princess Arwen, a problematic role because it's quite different from the original character created by Tolkien, but it gives, according to Liv's own words - "Female energy to the film". Until the trilogy is finished, Liv Tyler is scheduled to appear in other productions that would let her channel her passion for acting - "I'm in this work because I love acting and being creative. I have lots of imagination and lots of energy, and I bring it out this way", admits Liv.

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