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Sweet Emotion

People Magazine, May 2003.

Actress Liv Tyler quietly slips off to Barbados to marry her fiance of two years, rock singer Royston Langdon

It's not like those poor kids didn't try. After Lord of the Rings star Liv Tyler, 25, and rock singer Royston Langdon, 30, became engaged on Valentine‘s Day 2001, they floated one wedding date after another. But try finding a moment that didn’t collide with the assorted concert schedules of Tyler's complicated clan: legendary Aerosmith frontman, father Steven Tyler, 55; ex-groupie-turned-singer, mom Bebe Buell, 49, and her husband of seven months, Vacationland‘s James Wallerstein, 36; and rocker Todd Rundgren, 54, who with Buell, his former longtime partner, raised Tyler - and now uses Langdon as his opening act on tour. "They kept putting it off, trying to accommodate everyone's schedule." says Rundgren. "I guess they got tired of waiting."
Guess so. On March 25 Tyler and Langdon quietly wed-a move that seemed to surprise no one. "We all knew it was coming," says Buell. The pair invited a handful of Langdon relatives to their intimate, candlelit nuptials at a private beach house on Barbados. "It was a mix of religious and civil ceremony," says Langdon's dad. Chester, who witnessed his middle son's vows, along with wife Cynthia and sons Antony and Chris. "The bride looked beautiful, stunning-but that's Liv all the time."
The pair plan to renew their vows at a late-April bash in New York City, where they are now renovating a town- house. "It will be the first time that Todd, Steven and I have all been in the same room." says Buell. "I'm really looking forward to that sense of love and healing." Anything else? "I can't wait to see [my] grandchildren. They're going to be gorgeous!" Oh, one more thing: "The dates had to be changed twice now to get everybody there."

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