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Flash Back

Teen People, December 2002.

Liv Tyler - This 25-year-old's life is so fascinating, it has loosely inspired a movie starring Charlotte Church!

Liv was three when she got her picture snapped at a shoot for her mom, model Bebe Buell.

Sunning herself in Woodstack, N.Y., the same year she attended an Aerosmith concert and discovered rocker Steven Tyler was her dad.

The Portland, Mainem native model briefly (she once appeared in Interview) before turning to acting.

After earning praise for her breakthrough role in Stealing Beauty, Liv starred in Inventing the Abbotts with then-boyfriend Joaquin Phoenix.

The devout vegan reteams with her Armageddon costar Ben Affleck in the upcoming dramedy Jersey Girl.

Liv (here at the 1999 Academy Awards with her father) has appeared in two Aerosmith videos.

Liv changed her name to Tyler (which she shares with half sister Mia) when she was a preteen.

Go to a Spacehog concert and you may see Liv in the audience. She's engaged to the group's bassist-singer Royston Langdon, 28.

While filming The Two Towers. Liv left her prosthetic ears in her car and they melted.

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