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Liv on Harper's Bazaar
Liv Tyler - She doesn't have a famous dad. She has two
by Stuart Husband, Sky Magazine, November 2002.

A breed apart
Beautiful people make beautiful babies. so with three such parents. Liv Tyler's future was assured. Much like the other famous families explored over the next pages.

Liv Tyler can claim not just one but two famous dads: art rock pioneer Todd Rundgren and her biological father, Aerosmith frontman Steve Tyler. The confusion came about because the Lord Of The Rings actress' mom, model Bebe Buell, earned a bit of notoriety as one of the music world's leading groupies. But don't make any snap judgments about sex and rock'n'roll because, as Tyler told writer Bob Strauss, she's nothing but grateful for the boundless love and support she gets from all her folks.

Was growing up around rock stars good practice for dealing with your own showbiz career?
Everybody thinks that I grew up in this rock'n'roll lifestyle. But I grew up in Maine with my mom. I didn't know Steven 'til I was eight. Todd was an enormous influence in my life - he was my dad, but I didn't see him all the time.

Todd tends to go his own artistic wag. Has that influenced goo?
I've always had a sense of myself and always felt very comfortable being me, and was never made to feel ashamed of being that way. To be around all these creative people, for them to be following their passion and their own way, was definitely very inspiring. It's the only way I know. I'd feel so bad in my soul to go any way that wasn't my own.

You and Steve seem to have formed a tight bond?
In so many ways. I just love him so much, and it's been so amazing to get to know him as an adult. We have such a beautiful friendship and it's really amazing to be going through all of this together right now. I think that there's a reason for that, and we're learning from each other in a lot of ways.

So, with your connections, why aren't you the Britney Spears of your generation?
I love to sing and would love to do it professionally. Though certainly not right now as I'm very happy doing what I do. But I'm happy singing all day long, it's definitely something that's inside me somewhere.


Liv Tyler
Born 1 July 1977

Big Break
As a waitress in the downbeat drama. Heavy (1995)

Family tree
Father - Steve Tyler, Aerosmith frontman, spandex survivor Mother - Bebe Buell, 1970s backstage band-aid mainstay and model

Any more where she came from?
Liv was originally led to believe rocker Todd Rundgren was her dad. She discovered Tyler was her father aged nine, changed her name to Tyler at 12 and gained a half-sister, model and actress Mia Tyler

Who's in the attic?
Now she's discovered her real father, it looks like all the skeletons have tumbled out. Bebe did manage Liv for a while - she was credited as creative consultant on Heavy

On her famous parent
"I have really cool times with my dad. We have, like, these slumber parties where he'll advise me on what lace creams to buy. He's really clued up about that stuff."

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