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Don't want to Miss a Thing

By Cindy Pearlman, Chicago Sun-Times, April 18, 1999

To paraphrase her father's song, Liv Tyler doesn't want to miss a thing. That's why she stars this year in four new movies, including the current "Cookie's Fortune"
Q. I heard that Chicago's claim to fame - actor Chris O'Donnell - nearly damaged your face during the making of "Cookie's Fortune". Are these just malicious rumors?
A. It's sadly true. We did the first makeout scene and Robert Altman yells, "Cut!" I pulled back and looked, and my face - it was bright red. I do have the world's most sensitive skin, and I don't think Chris shaved. We actually had to wait 20 minutes before the next shot so my skin could calm down.

You also looked a little flushed introducing your father, rocker Steven Tyler of Aerosmith fame, at the Oscars. Were you nervous?
Nervous? I was terrified. I was scared to death for two solid months, waking up with anxiety attacks. So when I finally got to do it, it was like, "Well, this isn't so bad". The producer, Gil whatshisname [Cates], was so sweet, telling me how nervous everyone else was.

What is it like to have such a cool father?
It's great. In fact, we talk a lot on the phone. We share makeup tips because he has a lot of good stuff. To be honest, I was never used to seeing either of my fathers an awful lot [her stepfather is musician Todd Rundgren]. But my dad Steven Tyler was over the night before the Oscars with the kids. We just sat around and talked, watched TV and gossiped. We just vegged. And, of course, we cruised all the Oscar parties on the big night.

Is the lead singer of Aerosmith a party animal?
My dad and I went to the Vanity Fair party for like 20 seconds, and then we were like, "Let's go home".

In the last year you've seemed to work nonstop. What's on tap now?
Well, I did "Armageddon", "Cookie's Fortune", and the upcoming "Eugene Onegin" and "Plunkett & MacLeane". I think I had about a week off between each one. And then when I wasn't working, I was doing press, which really leaves you high-strung.

Is it strange to be so young and so famous?
It's weird when you go to dinner at McDonald's, and people are looking at you all the time.

Wait! You eat at Mickey D's ? Think of the calories!
I do eat at McDonald's. I love it because that's what people my age do. And most of all, I want to be young and vulnerable and be normal and not worry about things all the time.

Is something wrong? You can tell us.
Well, you get spoiled in this business. People take care of you and everyone is nice to you all the time. It's important to surround yourself with beautiful friends and family who will say, "You are a dork today".

Let's test your "normal" life. Do you buy your own groceries?
I love to get blisters on my hands carrying my groceries home.

How do you deal with the paparazzi?
I think the paparazzi is fine. Being in New York City, I know most of them. I'm like, "Hey, how are you doing ?" All they want is your picture for the paper. It just takes a second. I've had kids who have become a problem. One will walk in front of you and stall you so another one can talk to you. It's really dangerous and definitely not cool.

We've read that you've broken up with actor Joaquin Phoenix and now you're dating Royston Langdon, the singer and bass player for the British rock band Spacehog. Do you want to comment ?
All I can say is the most important part of being in a relationship is that you love the person for who they are. And that's all I want to say about love today.