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Liv Tyler, Arwen

Starburst Magazine, 2002.

The romance between Arwen and Aragorn is rather far more developed in the film than it is in the books, where it was actually addressed more in poem in an appendix than in the main text. What intrigued you most about their relationship?

I think it's a really lovely part of the book, but I felt when I read the book that I wanted to know more about it because it is important to Aragorn, who is a very important key element of the book. The appendix in the back of the book is so beautiful to me. I cried the first time I read it. I just wept. It reminded me of Romeo and Juliet or something in that classic romantic sense, in the passion and the power of this love these two people have. When I was offered the part Peter Jackson said, 'I know this is going to seem strange because we're still working on this and developing this, but I really want you to do this. You are Arwen in my mind.' I had to go over to New Zealand knowing that we weren't exactly sure yet what was going to happen and how to make it all come to life. Over time we developed it more and more and we really drew from the appendix. We'd write a whole scene around a specific line of dialogue. For me it was hard. Everybody else had really in-depth stories and parts to go by and I didn’t have as much to go by and feel close to and comforted by.

Amen is willing to give up hot immortality to be with the mortal Aragorn. Would you go that far for love?

One of the things that I was very drawn to in this story was the idea of this love and how powerful it was and how strongly these two people felt about each other. They felt strongly enough to do anything they could to be together and to support each other. She believes in this man so much that she's willing to give up, not her full existence, but what she has to in order to continue to be with him and to experience time with him. I think that's really beautiful. She's not letting go of who she is as a person. She‘s moving onto something new. She's already been alive for 2000 years. I just always felt that she'd rather spend a few short years, hopefully, with this man, even though she knows the outcome will be painful, than eternity without ever having felt that.

Was it tough tor you, career-wise and personally, to be away from Hollywood for so long while you were making the film?

Not so much for my career. Initially, it was a personal thing. I was worried about being away, not about my relationship [with fiancé Royston Langdon, singer/guitarist for the group Spacehog], about me being miserable because I was away too much. I got very homesick all the time. As time went on, over the year and a half, I did begin to get frustrated that I couldn't do anything else. I went back and forth a lot [between Los Angeles and New Zealand]. Sometimes I'd be home for two months, but I couldn't work on another film because I was waiting for the call that I'd have to go back to New Zealand. In all honesty, that was hard for me to take on. But I realized how lucky I am to be an actor at all, which is what I love doing, and to be employed for a year and a half. Afterwards, I just needed a break, and that's why I haven't worked for a year. So now I'm just trying to enjoy the experience all of the hard work, the misery and excitement coming to life.

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