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One Night at McCool's

by Ross Anthony, rossanthony.com, April 2001.

Donning a torn-not-scissor-cut, tied-not-sewn shirt, and smoking a cigarette, Liv Tyler, relaxed, easy to smile, gives us the sense that we're just a group of friends talking about a fun project.

LT: Where's everyone from?

RA: Where are you from?

LT: New York.

On her dangerously sexy character for "McCool's:"

LT: There's a lot of things I find very interesting about this film and why I wanted to play her. I love the idea that you never see her from her point of view. It's all about projection. They're projecting on to her what they want her to be. ... Not all men have fantasies like that.

Press: Where do you feel the balance between being an empowered woman and just being mean?

LT: I don't know.

Press: In this movie ...

LT: Oh, in the movie (Laughs all around). Well I don't think she's just a malicious mean person, she, like everyone has a goal or dream in their lives and she's just willing to do extreme things to get to that dream. And of course she's not totally all there.

On Acting:

LT: I don't know why I act, I do it because I like it. It found me. When I got offered my first part in "Silent Fall" and I'd only been on two auditions. And then I loved it. And I get paid for it. I'm having a blast. I have great patience and I'm willing to wait for that one [project] to come along. But it's all about the director. I'm not into it being a "great vehicle". The director is everything. I want to be able to trust and be guided by a genius and nothing less than that.

On Harald:

LT: I really liked all his ideas about the character. He loves women, he's just a real woman lover and he had the most beautiful wife. This is Harold's film, all his sense of humor.

On Music:

LT: When I was a kid all I ever wanted to do was sing, because my dad and mom both sing. But it's personal.

On Fiance:

LT: I used to fantasize and think of him all the time, but I never thought... We've been together for almost three years and I'm madly in love with him.

Press: Did your dad ever warn you off on rock ...

LT: No!!! I'm not gonna listen to my dad anyway. I'm really different from my parents in a lot of ways. I'm more the conservative one of the bunch. ...I had two dads and my mom. I got to see all these different kinds of lives.

RA: What kinds of CD's do you have in your music collection?

LT: I've been listening to the new SPACEHOG album over and over again, cause I love it so much. The record comes out on April 10th.

Press: Do you know someone personally?

LT: That's my fiance's band. He plays bass and sings and also writes all the songs.