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Liv Tyler tells CBBC why Orlando Bloom's just not sexy to her!

CBBC, December 2002.

Liv Tyler tells CBBC Newsround's Lizo Mzimba why Orlando Bloom's just not sexy to her!

In your opinion is Orlando Bloom the sexiest man on set?

I think they're all sexy! Ian McKellen's sexy, Viggo's sexy, Orly's sexy all the hobbits are sexy. Dom's very sexy!

Are you surprised that our viewers have voted Orlando as their number one?

No. But he's my friend so it's different I make fun of him all the time!

What happens to your character in this film?

Lurve! In this film it gets a little bit deeper into the love relationship between Arwen and Aragorn - you just see a little bit more of the dilemma they're up against.
And that how different they are and that though they love each other that they're trying to do the right thing.

Making Lord of the Rings was seen by some to be a gamble - do you think film makers should be taking more gambles?

I guess. I mean look it's scary putting your whole life on the line. I'm surprised more people didn't have heart attacks.
It was really really scary to pull this off and put all that money into it. And the studio was riding on the success of these movies.
I think it's great and maybe it will set an example that it is good to take chances.

Just how sexy is Orlando Bloom again?

Oh my god I don't think about him in that way at all! Yuck! He's like my brother. He's pretty, he's nice...