United Press International, December 2002.

It looks like actress Liv Tyler is following in her dad's platform bootsteps.

The daughter of outrageous Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has recorded a song for the soundtrack of the third "Lord of the Rings" film, "The Return of the King," due out next year.

In New York to promote the second "Rings" film, "The Two Towers," Tyler told United Press International she recorded "Arwen's Song" a while ago and even previewed it for her dad. The actress, who plays an elfish princess in the spectacular fantasy trilogy, says director Peter Jackson hadn't told her in which of the three simultaneously filmed movies her song would appear.

"I think it's going to be in the third movie," she said. "You never know with these movies... Peter, when he was editing things, felt ... for me, certain scenes were nicer as a finale in the third film."

Tyler wouldn't say much about the song other than it is in English, not one of Tolkien's made-up languages.

Asked to speculate why aging rockers like her dad, Paul McCartney and the Rolling Stones are still doing so well after decades in the business, Tyler replied: "For me, it's in my genes. I can't comment on the rest of the world, but I just grew up listening to that kind of music. My mom would put Iggy Pop on when I was a little girl, and probably not very many little girls' mothers would do that. So that's what's kind of normal to me."

Tyler says she is as amazed as anyone to see what verve her 54-year-old father shows in his concerts.

"He has got an enormous amount of energy," she explained. "It's rubbed off on me. It's in the genes too, unfortunately, the workaholic gene. He has always been like that. I think it's really incredible. When I see him perform, I definitely am taken aback by it. I'm really impressed by it."