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Lucky Liv

AvantGarde, February 2003. Scans by Paul, translation by Sarah & Evali0s

In a short amount of time Liv Tyler has secured herself a few very big roles in very different kinds of movies and has gathered for herself a great amount of fans. Like Bertolucci said: "She knows how to draw all eyes to her like a magnet."

There are people who seem to always be very lucky. Liv Tyler is that kind of person. When she was 16 she thought it would be nice to do acting. Tyler: "I didn't know anything about acting. I'd only done a video. I didn't have experience. But that didn't hold me back." Now, there are many girls who want to act when they are 16. Mostly they are pulled back into reality although there are the ones who don't quit and give it a full go. They follow hard training, take singing and dancing lessons, and even work on their accent, while doing humiliating auditions.

Beginners' Luck ?

With Liv it went slightly different. From the first moment she figured that acting would be a cool thing to do, she almost instantly got her first role. The fact that she was a model before with an agent who has good contacts in Hollywood, has very much to do with that. He knew how to get Liv into auditions for an Australian director named Bruce Beresford. He was looking for an actress to play a part in the thriller Silent Fall. The studio bosses were a little upset because Bruce choose an absolute beginner for an important role, but Bruce told Liv: "Let me do the talking." And she did :-)

The next part she got was the main lead in the cult movie Heavy. It was an independent movie that got raving reviews. After that movie, Liv knew she wanted to keep acting. By that time she got a call from director Bernardo Bertolucci who wanted her to play opposite Jeremy Irons for his movie Stealing Beauty. The movie premiered in Cannes and Liv became a star in a few days. A year and a half after she tought that 'acting would be a cool thing to do' - Liv became a star.

Facial Expressions

The legion of actors and actresses who work their asses off for several years to get some fame, have to be really jealous at her. Why does she deserve it ? What makes her so special ? Almost every actor has stories about his/her unknown days struggling, but Liv doesn't. She has almost immediately become a star.

That doesn't mean that Liv Tyler wouldn't perfrom an act of friendship. She is, for example, willing to help Oliver when he asks. And by Oliver we mean the director (and producer) Oliver Stone. When Tyler visited a friend of hers on the set of the thriller U-Turn, Oliver came over with a request. Tyler: "He told me that they were doing a scene which I was perfect for, and I should absolutely cooperate. At the beginning I didn't want to do it cause I was scared as hell - jumping to it without any preparation. But Oliver persisted ..." And thus Oliver talked her into playing the part. Does she know that there are countless actresses that would kill to get a role in Oliver Stone's movie ?

What does she have, that others haven't ?

The answer lies in her face, she has facial expressions that can't be taught. She has charisma and presence. OK, she is beautiful, but it's not even that. Look at Cindy Crawford, she's also very beautiful, but in theater she looks kind of euh ... average. Liv has that special quality that makes her intriguing to the audience. Like Bernardo Bertolucci put it: "One minute she looked like a schoolgirl, the next she looked like a grown femme fatale. She has that expression in her eyes."

Femme Fatale

It doesn't need to be a surprise that Liv Tyler has been asked to play the role of the seducer quite often. Her range covers whole the area from the Lolita-Type who becomes aware of her growing beauty - and thus also of the power she gets through that - to the classic femme fatale with the untouchable face and plenty of hidden passions. Tyler appeared in the historical adventure film Plunkett & Macleane in which she played a young women from London's society who chops robbers' heads off, and in the black comedy One Night at McCool's where she manipulated a lots of men in order to get her Dreamhouse. At the same time Tyler can also be called an experienced actress. 9 years after her debut in Silent Fall, she has built up a nice resume. She was seen in romantic dramas like Inventing The Abbotts and That Thing You Do! (first production by Tom Hanks), she played the daughter of Bruce Willis in Armageddon and worked for Robert Altman in Cookie's Fortune and Dr. T & The Women. But for most moviegoers she would be mostly known as Arwen, the elven princess from Lord of the Rings, whose second part - The Two Towers has recently premiered.

Arwen has a bit of a Mythical Hero in her: she's willing to give up her immortality for love. Liv Tyler admits to find it hard to place herself in the fantasy world of writer J.R.R Tolkien. "How can you imagine the world from the point of view of a 3000 year old elf ?" Liv Tyler said she compensated the lack of acting experience with a huge amount of enthusiasm and willing to learn. "But the energy I had when I did my parts was kinda undirected". At the shoots of Armageddon the director Michael Bay often had to slow her down: "I tried my best in scenes where acting was kinda unimportant. Some of the time I asked if I can have another shot, but Michael explained that I would only be in the picture for about one and a half second. And I nagged in Armageddon a lot about the motivation of my character - also when it was completely unimportant. The director would shout: 'Just do it'".


Because of the long stays on foreign countries, Tyler sometimes lost the daily happenings in the US. "I've only noticed that Armageddon was a huge hit when I came to a fastfood-restaurant and saw 'Armaggedon-Burger' on the menu." Something she finds very unpleasant is that her obligations to the movies threats her normal life. Tyler had this feeling during the filming for Lord of the Rings, a mega-project which was filmed for eighteen months in New Zealand. Because she had to be there often for weeks or even months, Tyler was sentenced to long phonecalls to her English boyfriend Royston Langdon. Feelings for family tradition can't be denied to Liv Tyler (daughter of the Aerosmith singer Steve Tyler and step daughter of the rock musician Todd Rundgren), Langdon is very popular, he's singing in the band Spacehog. And Liv hinted that she would also like to sing. We'll get the first time soon: She'll sing in the soundtrack of the third part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. And Tyler has let us know that she has more plans as a singer. Not that there aren't more, no, many more women who secretly dream of becoming a singer. But Liv Tyler probably doesn't mind that.

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