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I'm not an elf. Although I'm not so sure anymore

Calendar Magazine, January/February 2003. Scans and translation by Mila

No doubt, there is no Elf more beautiful than Liv Tyler. And even though we can see just a little bit of Liv in The Two Towers she is the most beautiful there. You are about to find out some interesting details about the actressís life. Everything about Livís ears, about the China figure she has in her living room, and also about what she got bent.

It has been said, that the second movie of Lord Of The Rings was the most difficult one. Tell us about your work on it.
No, I wouldnít say that it was the most difficult. Well, in general, the appendix of the trilogy expanded the whole love story of Aragorn and Arwen. We just took it and added several more scenes. The story is very beautiful, and that's why Peter wanted to make it even richer. I am glad he did that.

So, did you have a good time filming that ?
I enjoyed it. This time I saw things in a new light, because when the main part was being filmed, it was way too much Ė a year and a half of boiling in all this ... and at one moment Ė ka-boom! As if I blew up like a balloon. I got tired of everything. This time I only participated in filming the movie for three weeks. I got together with my old friends again and found myself in the familiar places again. I looked at all that beauty and understood how comfortable I was. After all that I felt that I wanted to go there again, just to visit maybe.

Weíve heard gossip that in this movie you are going to sing.
Most likely, I will be singing in the third movie. You are right, talking about movies, you can never predict what is going to happen.

Has the song been recorded yet ?

And how is it called ?
"Arwenís Song". Itís not in Elvish. But it certainly has the Elvish spirit in it.

And there's probably much more Elvish in this movie ?
Yes, and it was so wonderful, because I had been constantly imagining this scene before we even started working on it, and then, yet in a work process, Viggo was constantly attacking me, repeating over and over that he had been talking to Peter and that he wanted this scene to be all in the Elvish language. I like speaking Elvish, but when I am forced to Ė Yak! I wanted to club him on a head, because I always thought that I had to speak Elvish more than him. Now I'm glad that he insisted, because it sounds wonderful, and the Elvish language makes the story more beautiful and the feelings of our heroes more profound.

Did you predict that the movie would win so many hearts by the audience ?
Well, I sensed something like that in the process of filming, or even while I was watching "The Fellowship Of The Ring" for the very first time. But the success was much bigger than I had expected; Even though I have always known that Peter is a genius, and I liked the movie itself very much. Now people approach me and ask "How does it feel to be an Elf ?" And I go "But I'm not an Elf!" Although sometimes Iím not so sure.

Well, these Elf ears look very good on you, almost like you were born with them.
Viggo likes them a lot. In the movie he keeps stroking them. He thought that the fans would go crazy about them, so made sure he patted them in every scene.

Did anyone have any injuries while filming ?
Yes, some. But our stuntmen seem to really enjoy getting injured. I think they do like their job very much and want everything to look as real as possible. I know that Viggo is in close touch with most of them. So they were risking their lives on purpose trying to make fights look as real as possible.

After these movies you have got a whole army of young fans, havenít you ?
Perhaps. Of course, itís amazing when so many people come to look at you. I think itís so cool that the new generation reads these books, watches these movies, and plays Tolkien computer games and stuff like that.

We have heard that Peter was always walking around there barefoot.
Yes, I think it was a cool thing for him to do. Itís so clean and beautiful there that you can walk barefoot all the time, itís safe. New Zealand has neither broken glass nor dirt.

After the movie was on, you appeared in the book "The history of fencing" ...
No, really ? And what did they say there about me Ė that I am a bad fancier ?

They mentioned Paul Andersenís words that there isn't even a single girl who can use a sword better than you.
That was about me ?

Of course about you.
Geez, I suffered of those endless battles in the movie so much. Itís nice to hear that! That is a real compliment! I had to fight with Bob a lot, and he is about 70 years old, and he looks the way which make you think: "Oops, I outta feel sorry for him". And lo and behold, he is right there next to you Ė and you are pushed to the wall and your clothes are all ripped and you are killed. He is so fast! I loved working with him a lot. Yes, that was really a compliment!

What other movies are you in these days ?
Iíve just finished working on the movie with Kevin Smith, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez - Jersey Girl.

What about Jennifer and Ben Ė they are talked about so much ?
Yes, they are everywhere.

Did you notice that the affair started between them while the movie was being filmed ?
Of course Ė we have been working very closely for several months.

Any stories you can tell us ?
I would rather talk about The Lord Of The Ring

Do you try to follow what the press writes about you ?
Only if I come across an article. Aside from that - I have no clue what people say about me in other sides of the world.

Does that disturb you ?
You know, sometimes I think that they have movie directors in all those "The Enquirer" type magazines.

What music are you listening to these days ?
I always listen to the same thing Ė for instance, Beatles, Rolling Stones, T. Rex and Kinks. In fact I adore music of this time. I have a bunch of CDs and I like listening to the whole albums instead of songs separately. Maybe that is why I donít listen to the radio too often. I like to go through the whole album. Itís probably old fashioned.

Looks like many of the old-time musicians are being respected by young people a lot more now.

Right. Why do you think itís happening ?
Well, as for me, itís in my genes. I donít know about the others, but I grew up with that music. My Mom played Iggi Pop for me when I was a little girl, and not all people have Moms like that. And for me it was Ė normal.

Does is surprise you that your father is still full of energy that he puts into his performances ?
No. I mean I know that he has a huge load of energy. I got that from him too Ė unfortunately, I am a hard worker as well. But heís always been like that. In my opinion itís unbelievable, and when I see him perform it impresses me a lot. I mean, he can really sing that well and work so hard, 2 hours every night, the whole year. Difficult.

The energy is technically "boiling" in him!
He loves his job. He loves to sing raw and from his heart. He does remember what thatís like. We just talked about him the other day while listening the band Kinks and I thought about the same thing, I practically saw him being a young boy - teenager, listening to the music in his room with that very feeling.

Those old records played for 35-40 minutes. And now CDs play for an hour and a half.
Really ? That means that at that time they listened to 9-10 songs on a record and now there are many more than that ?

About 20 or so. Why, do you have only 35-40 minutes to listen to an album and thatís it ?
Oh my god, the idea isn't my attention Ė I just respect the music that they played at that time and I like all the songs. And now it often happens that there are only a few songs on CD that are, say, very good, and the others are not as good.

Was it hard for you to move on to a different project after youíve spent a year and a half working on these three movies ?
Itís really interesting Ė I still feel like I havenít switched to a different project, because we still keep working on the old one. And when I was working on Jersey Girl I found myself having a hard time being just a simple girl in jeans and a T-shirt and talking about funny things with Ben Affleck. I had this feeling, you know, like I was naked Ė without my hair, wig, ears and three layers of velvet.

Coming back to the ears. Do you keep them ?
No, they are made of gelatin: they melt. You cannot keep them for too long. That would be different in case I had laminated them ...

Or got them bronzed.
Great idea! Can I have bronze ears ? And I want my sword I was fencing with. It got so dull after those fights with Bob.

It is said that your sword bended after all those movie battles.
No, nothing bended.

Have you got an Arwen doll ?
Yes, I have a lots. There are plenty at the toy stores. Yesterday night an interesting thing happened to me. I came home, opened the front door and see a huge box in the middle of the living room. Roy is horrified Ė he is never happy about receiving so many parcels. I open this box - and there is this huge me, with a Chine head, long hair and wearing clothes, very strange ... pretty ugly thing. Very unnatural and doesnít look like a doll at all ... Horrible.

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