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5 minutes with Liv Tyler

by Cindy Pearlman, React, August 1998.

She stole everyone's heart in Stealing Beauty and broke hearts in Inventing the Abbotts. Now Liv Tyler, 21 is hitting the big time in her first blockbuster summer flick, Armageddon.

What was it like making your first big summer movie?

"It was scary. I think I had this idea in my head that I didn't really want to do ne. But the script kept getting more and more interesting. The characters were so vital to the story. It wasn't just about special effects."

How did it feel seeing Armageddon?

"I was completely blown away! It was amazing to see all the special effects I had only imagined in my mind."

Your dad, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, did music for the film, right?

"Yeah, he called me a few months ago and said,' I'm in the studio doing music for your movie.' I was like, 'What?' "

Your haircut is awesome. Why did you cut it off?

"I had to for a film that I'm making for director Robert Altman. It's called Cookie's Fortune, and it stars Glenn Close, Julianne Moore and Chris O'Donnel."

What's it about?

"It's hard to describe, but Glenn is my aunt and Julianne is my mother. Cookie is my great-aunt who commits suicide after her husband dies. Glenn tries to cover it up. It's a small-town, Southern thing."

Any future career plans to discuss?

"I don't really have a strategy. I just want to do things I'm passionate about in this life."

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