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Liv it Up!

Tv Hits, 1997.

On the surface Hollywood’s hottest new babe, L1v Tyler, had everything - a beautiful ex-model mother, a rock star dad and a cushy upbringing. Then, when she was ten, a bombshell hit her - she found out that Todd, the man she'd grown up thinking was her father wasn't, and she met her real dad - Steven, the frontman of heavy metal band, Aerosmith. In this revealing interview, Liv explains how she coped with the shock news and how it's affected her life in the spotlight...

When did you first meet your real dad Steven?

It was when I was about eight and Mum took me to see Todd perform, because he was a singer, too. Steven happened to be there and we met backstage. We had a strange connection right from the word go and we were laughing about how similar our legs were! He paid me special attention because he already knew I was his daughter.

When did you know for sure he was your father?

ln 1988 I met his other daughter, Mia,who's a year younger than me. It was at an Aerosmith concert and Mia and I looked so alike I knew something was weird. I asked Mum and she spent a couple of hours telling me the whole story. We both couldn't stop crying.

Why hadn't she told you?

When I was born, Steven was into a lot of bad drugs. Mum was worried and thought it best to keep me well away from that, so when I was about three we moved away so I'd have a normal childhood. It wasn't until Steven was sober that I met him.

What do think of your dad doing drugs?

When Steven was my age, sex, drugs and rock'n'roll all came together for the first time and nobody knew any better. I'm just lucky I never learnt that lesson through my dad and I hope I never do drugs. I think my generation is a little wiser because we have the past to learn from.

Apart from your legs, what have you inherited from him?

We're both hyper all the time. And obviously, there's the lips! People always take a look at my lips when they first meet me!

You've modelled, and acted, but is there a rock star in you?

Definitely! I think that's me at heart - there's a rock star trying to get out! Unfortunately, she can't play any instruments'yet! I'm learning the guitar and I have a passion for singing. I'm really into rock music like Hole, The Rolling Stones and, of course, Aerosmith!

You're not camera shy - did you get that from your mum?

I don't know. I've never really been shy. I really enjoy dressing up as a model and posing for the camera - it gives me a great rush. My mum has that quality, too we're alike in so many ways that it’s odd how we get along. Teenagers aren't meant to get along with their mums as well as I do!

How did you cope with being a famous model at school?

Because I was travelling a lot I had a tutor, but when I went back to school it was hard. All the other kinds thought I was getting the best deal, but I was actually jeallous of them because they had free time of their hands - I was modelling all day, then doing schoolwork at night! At first I only did modelling because I didn't want to be a babysitter, then it took off and I ended up missing out on boyfriends and parties!

Why did you start acting?

It was something I wanted to do for a while, so I got myself an agent and read for Silent Fall, my first film. I couldn't believe it when I heard I'd got the part because I was up.

So you don't model now?

No, it doesn't give me the satisfaction I get from acting. It was too easy - people would be telling me how great I looked and I got paid for it - and that was it. I need to feel l've done some hard work for it to be my 'career'. Acting's my career now.

What do you think of the Hollywood scene?

It can be really boring. The parties aren't as exciting as everyone thinks. They're full of people sipping champagne and bitching about each other, or being false about how 'beautiful' and 'wonderful' they are.

Are you a party animal?

I know how to have fun, but I'd rather curl up in bed with a good book than go to a party. I have a Chihuahua pup called Chiquita and there's nothing I like more than just playing with her at the moment.

Have you any ambitions?

I want to get educated but I don't know if I could face going to University. I might just take some extra notes as I go through the school of life! I know I want to take a break and travel soon. Other than that, I want to make good films.

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