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Liv on Australian Cleo

Australian Cleo, November 1996.

vital statistics
Teenage sex-bomb offspring of model Bebe Buell and Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler. Brought up by mum's boyfriends, Todd Rundgren and Coyote Shiver, she was 10 before she found out who Dad was.

curriculum vitae
Silent Fall; Heavy; Empire Records; Stealing Beauty.

finest moment
Cavorting with Alicia Silverstone in Aerosmith's video for 'Crazy'. Slithering around a stripper's pole for Dad made her Hollywood's hottest property.

all-time low
Being put on gum duty at school for skipping classes to go to modelling jobs. "I'd have to go around with a little bucket and scraper and scrape off all the gum from the bottoms of the desks. That was like death. You start to become a pro about gum. You can tell what's an hour old and what's a weeks old. What's Hubba Bubba and what's Juicy Fruit."

most likely to
Have a line-up of band that would put Live Aid to shame at her 21st birthday party.

least likely to
Say she wants a regular, quiet life, just like her parents.

will next be seen
In Tom Hank's directorial debut That Thing You Do.

in her own words
"I dont feel spoilt, just lucky. I feel like I have an angel on my shoulder."

this year's
Drew Barrymore.

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