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Liv on 20ans

20ans Magazine, January. Scan and translation by Kimmie


Up to the age of 10, Liv the thought she was the daughter of Todd Rundgren (rocker), although her father was none other than the american Jagger, Steven Tyler. Her Mother was the model Bebe Buell (a seventies star). In other words, the fairies didn't exactly bend on her baby's crib. Like all children of artists/models, she became an artist/model, helped by her blue eyes and porcelain doll coloured skin. In Armageddon, she was the daughter of Bruce Willis (she's apparently stuck with big machos). Until the age of 19, Liv swore everywhere she was still a virgin. Since then she's caught up with Royston Langdon (a rocker, like her daddies) and plays the elf Lady Arwen in The Lord of the Rings.