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You Only Liv Once

by Dennis Hensley. Movieline, August 1995.

Liv Tyler is everywhere these days-commercials, magazines, movies, fashion ads-though her only film credit is one horrible wanna-be thriller, Silent Fall. Why all the excitement? Well, if you've actually been reading the articles about her you already know that she's the daughter of Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler and model Bebe Buell. That and she's very busy little worker bee. Hot on the audition circuit, she's landed Heavy, a small film about small-town people, Empire Records, a big-studio ensemble movie about youths in a record store, and Stealing Beauty, Bernardo Bertolucci next (she'll star opposite Jeremy Irons).

Has all the attention gone to Liv's noggin? "l'm pretty sensible, thank God," confesses the 18-year-old. Given her parents, you’d think life for Liv would have been a backstage affair, but she didn't know who her father was until she was 10 years old. "My monther wanted us to live in Maine because when I was born, people were gossiping about whose I was, and she didn't want me to have to grow up around that." Where did she meet her real dad? "The first time I met him was at a Todd Rundgren show - Todd's the man who I thought he was Mick Jagger's son. I had no idea who he was." Any stories about Heavy co-star Evan Dando, the very good-looking lead singer of the Lemonheads? "Evan was so nervous because it's his firsts film," she says. "We had to do a scene where we were making out on the rail of bridge and, for safety, we had to be attached by hamesses." When I note that the position sound, well, difficult, a sweet grin wraps Liv's face, proving there's a girlie-crush side to her still. "Oh, it wasn't that hard."

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