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Liv to Tell

Premiere, October 1995. Photo by Butch Belair.

Liv Tyler is six of one, half a dozen other. "I have my mother's eyes. My father's nose. His lips. Her cheekbones. My father's legs. My mother's bum..." she says, ticking off her attri-beauts. All six feet of - physical connection - courtesy of '70s model Bebe Buell and Aerosmith's Steven Tyler - can be seen in Bruce Beresford's thriller, Silent Fall. It is the seventeen-year-old's debut, and all the more impressive given her cinematic self-possession in the lead, opposite Richard Dreyfuss and Linda Hamilton. Which parent passed on such poise? "I've just been like that all my life." Tyler says. "I learned rally young that you only have youtself."

Raised in Maine, Liv was nine before she learned Tyler was her father. Buell was living with Buell was living with rock god Todd Rundgren when, she explains. "I fell in love with Steven, and Liv was conceived." Pregnant, she returned to Rundgren. but they "hit the skids" when Liv was three months old. In the meantime. "my father was at the height of his thing." says Liv. "You know, the drugs and everything." Elaborates Buell: "He was a screwed-up mess, and I chose not to have him in her life until he chose sobriety." He did, and now they're one big, happy extended family.

In the upcoming Heavy, Tyler costars with Shelley Winters and Deborah Harry as a waitress stuck in a Gilbert Grape-ish world. But things aren't all bad- Lemonhead hunk Evan Dando plays her boyfriend. Ask how he rates in the smooch department and Tylerís self-possession rears its beautiful head. "Oh, come on!" she says. "I'm not answering that. That's an awful question!"

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