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Everything happens for a reason

by Lauren Purcell, Harper's Bazaar, June 1996.

Liv Tyler believes that everything happens for a reason, that life falls naturally into place.

And so the 18-year-old actress should: She's had seven movie roles fall into place, including that of a waitress at an end-of-the-line tavern in this month's Heavy and the female lead in Bernardo Bertolucci's latest, Stealing Beauty. "I wished to work with a great European director, and I got to," Tyler says with the logic of the innocent. "I wished to work in a Woody Allen movie, and I got to" (she has a cameo in Allen's fall film). No wonder she's bullish on fate.

Of course, fate has been helped along by no small amount of talent. After seeing her debut in Bruce Beresford's 1994 film Silent Fall, Bertolucci sought her out to play Lucy, a young American girl sent to summer in Tuscany after her mother dies (at Cannes, he introduced Tyler as his muse). She got the call from Allen while filming in Italy. And then Tom Hanks snapped her up for his impending directorial debut.

Tyler is serene in the face of the windstorm she's kicked up. "I'm an old soul." she explains. Perhaps. She is, after all, the daughter of Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and '70s model Bebe Buell. But it's the still-wide- eyed young girl you meet first, in a tumble of words: "I saw a pink sunset in Italy that circled the whole sky. Completely pink, like a pink I'd never seen before." If there's an old soul in there, one imagines it feels very lucky to belong to Liv.

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