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Woman of the Month

Jack Magazine, February 2003. Scans by Valentina, translation by Sara

The Princess Arwen Undomiel has just 2 dimensions. In the videogame The Two Towers, coincidentally released with the second installment of the movie The Lord Of The Rings, you can see her only in the in-between action scenes; she doesn't have an active role and she doesn't even appear with her own face. It must have been a real disappointment for a videogame addict like Liv Tyler who plays the beautiful Arwen in Peter Jackson's movie. Also because, in the videogame, her on-screen partner Aragorn, played by Viggo Mortensen, has been created using the digitized version of the actor himself.

An inveterate player. Liv spends hours in front of the Playstation, holding the joystick. Her friends say that she smokes a lot (she reacts by saying "Itís my only vice and I canít stop it!" [out of date quote, by the time of the article Liv had already quit smoking -LLT staff]). She likes action games, especially ones with great graphics. It is not a coincidence that Gollum, the creature who was previously the hobbit Smeagol, and turned into a monster by the the One Ring, is the character she likes the most in the cinematographic saga based on Tolkienís book. "His sweetness appeals to me. And I was fascinated by how the director and the team created it."

Enchanted by special effects. Gollum can be considered one of the masterpieces created by the special effects wizards and one of the best achievements of the motion capture technique. Thanks to a set of sensors placed on Andy Serkisí body and to a very powerful software capable of elaborating on the data collected by the sensors, [the team] managed to reproduce Gollumís movements in a very realistic way. Although being completely digital, his hair, muscles and skin behave like those of a real person.

Porcelain skin. In the movie, Liv is a true beauty in the flesh. The Australian [sic!] director, after choosing her, decided to considerably expand her role and has been convinced to do so by her big blue eyes, by her mouth that can set one on fire and by her porcelain skin.

A special family. "I prefer romantic characters to sexy ones" she says. Tatyana Larina in Onegin and Grace Stamper in Armageddon (the movie that brought her an international fame) were very romantic indeed. "Those are the characters that resemble me more. I havenít had a lots of men in my life; I prefer long term relationships." After dating the actor Joaquin Phoenix for two years, she has been living for four years with Royston Langdon, bassist of the English group Spacehog, and is set to marry him. "I consider myself a 'regular' type. What I would most like are a husband, a house and children."

Two fathers. Surprised ? What would you most like if you had been raised in a family like hers ? Liv found out the identity of her true father, Steven Tyler, the leader of the rock band Aerosmith, when she was 10. Her mother Bebe Buell, an ex-Playboy playmate, told her that her father was her mate Todd Rundgren, a musician by himself. However, she has never felt anger toward her family. She has to be grateful to her mother for her career. One of her mother's friends gave Liv the first chance to draw attention - first as a model and then as an actress. After a few small roles, she had the great opportunity to work with the famous Bernardo Bertolucci who very much wanted her to star in his movie Stealing Beauty.

Her musical dream. She has inherited the passion for music from her parents as well: "One of my dreams is to sing. I would like to do it in a musical.". For sure we will see her again with Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in Jersey Girl (fall 2003) and in the third installment of The Lord Of The Rings (beginning of 2004 [in Italy])). It seems difficult with two parents like that, but it looks like she has become the most famous member of her family.

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