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A beautiful life

by Sally Hunwick, Australian Harper's Bazaar, May 2012. Scans by Louise.

Liv Tyler knows a thing or two about sex appeal. The 34-war-old actor tells BAZAAR what makes her feel her most radiant.

Liv Tyler has music in her blood. "I grew up around musicians and music. It's probably my greatest passion," the New York-based actor says. Yet despite her DNA (Tyler's father is Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler; her mother, Bebe Buell, an iconic '80s rocker and model), Liv hasn't followed her parents' career path ... until now. To mark the launch of Givenchy's latest Very Irresistible scent, Electric Rose, Tyler has recorded her own version of lNXS's Need You Tonight. "I enjoy music so much - it's definitely something I've always longed to do," she says. Darkly irreverent with plenty of sex appeal, Tyler's electrified single (available to download on iTunes) and its racy monochromatic music video manage to capture the seductive essence of this mane-hither rose fragrance. "We shot until three in the morning. It was kind of crazy/" says Tyler. "It's very different to filmmaking."

"Nicolas [Degennes, Givenchy makeup's artistic director] uses colours I would never normally use. One time he did my eyes in all these different shades of gold, brown and amber and it made my eyes so blue. I never knew that [tip]."

"I use a scented oil the pharmacy near my house in New York. I put it on with my moisturiser when I get out of the shower and then I wear Very Irresistible. I think Very Irresistible is delicious; it smells good."

"Mary Helen is a New York City ballerina; she's very beautiful and very strong. Her series of exercises, which you do on a mat and standing, are amazing - especially for your butt."

"The sense of smell is so powerful and so emotional. My father has a very distinct smell, this sort of ambery thing. It's all over everything that he touches. If you're in his house, anywhere he's passed through smells like him."

"I go to Bliss sometimes for facials. I get different little things done at different places. I have a facial here and a massage there - it's all split up."

"I love lipgloss - I have many. My other favourite thing is a [Givenchy prototype] lipstick. It's beautiful; it's black but when you put it on it's sheer. I'm trying to get them to make it - I'm like, 'Come on, you can call it Liv's Lips!"

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