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Face up

by Brandon Halley, In fashion, Fall 1993.

Liv Tyler, model daughter

Rising mega-lipped model, Liv Tyler, has had the ultimate rock and roll childhood. At four, she slipped Shirley Temples at clubs while her mother's band, the Gargoyles, raged onstage. As a tyke, she toddled around backstage while Aerosmith played the local civic center of her sleepy hometown of Portland, Maine. A list of former babysitters includes Gene Simmons and David Johansen. Amidst this, she grew up fast, but level-headed.

"She's an old soul." says former model Bebe Buell of her daughter. On the eve of her sweet sixteenth, Tyler demonstrates serenity and sagacity well beyond her years. Growing up backstage has its ups and downs, so maturity just goes with the territory. "I've had to be strong all my life. When I was little, my mom and I had to deal with a lot - we basically had to live off the love of each other."

The most difficult thing she had to face was finding out the identity of her real father. Until she was ten years old, she was Liv Rundgren, daughter of her rock's quirky visionary, Todd. However, a court-condered blood test proved her real dad to be Aerosmith's bad boy Steven Tyler. She changed her last name to Tyler, and met the ensuing identity crisis with characteristic prowess: "I consider myself lucky. Now I have two fathers that are also friends. I can call them up at any time for advice and they know they can call me for the same - and they do."

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