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Life Lessons

by Alexandria Gouveia, Emirates Woman, November 2015. Photos by Cedric Buchet.

Daughter of a rock star (Steve Tyler) and model (Bebe Buell), Hollywood favourite and sassy mother, Liv Tyler is the latest face of the mytheresa.com women series and so itís easy to see why.

Her model looks have helped her become an ambassador for many brands from Givenchy to Belstaff, and her charitable nature has seen her work for UNICEF. Add to that the fact that she actively shuns the paparazzi and when she is snapped itís often in Ďnormal attireí on a school run Ė as far as A-list role models Liv Tyler is pretty much up there.

Liv Tyler

As part of the Liv Tyler mytheresa.com women series, the 38-year-old slips into the most gorgeous looks from Valentinoís latest runway collection. The actress said of the project: "I had met Justin OíShea [from mytheresa.com] at their fun dinnersÖ so when she asked me to do the women series and explained it to me I said yes straight away. Itís nice when you can get a team of people together that you love and respect where everything kind of clicks and when you find those people you sort of continue to gravitate towards them."

While taking part of mytheresa.com women series Liv Tyler spoke to Emirates Woman and shared her life lessonsÖ

"Style changes so much. I think that is one of the things I love about my job.

I donít have one specific style icon. I would say it is many different people. I think just being in the fashion industry is incredible because you get to work with people again and again who you learn fromÖ I just sort of pick up things.

I admire my girlfriends, who Iíve known since I was very young like Lucy De La Falaise and Kate Moss. I always admire their style in everything from the way their home looks and their clothes. Just their overall sort of being Ė how they are.

Everyday, as a mum, there is something new to learn. You kind of learn as you go.

The secret to a good relationship is to just to pay attention and to look and listen. I would say for any relationship itís so easy to get caught up with stress and everything that is going on in our lives. You need to listen to them and be with them and pay attention to them or things can slip through the cracks.

Itís only when you stop that you are really present with someone. Whether itís with your children or a partner, you really need to stop sometimes and put everything down and let them just talk and talk. Let them tell you everything about the thing that they are interested in and about the things they love or are obsessed about.

The most frustrating thing about having famous parents is that everyone assumes they know you. I think in general when you are the child of someone recognisable people assume that you are like that person. Obviously you are a completely different person.

Never judge people before meeting them. Sometimes people just surprise you and they are amazing and sometimes people are not who you thought they would be. So when meeting anyone in life I come with just a blank canvas.

Helping your children flourish in whatever it is they want to do is amazing. I want to give them the best education possible. For my boys I really want them to have an incredible education and be able to just be kids and to focus on the job of learning because it is really an incredible thing. As far as what they want to do I canít wait to see if it is something artistic or in the business world. I hope that I am able to help them. I just wish for them to have a passion in something.

Iíve had an incredible life filled with knowledge and education and I am continuing to learn and I am grateful for that. I had a good education. I was very fortunate but I started working at such a young age that my focus wasnít on my education and I didnít go to university.

Success is relative. I measure my success in life on my family and how my relationship is with my children, the people closest to me. When that feels successful to me then I feel really good. It is really about balance in a lot of ways.

'Shut up and donít think so much' is the best advice Iíve ever been given. Robert Altman, the director on Cookieís Fortune, said it to me. I literally say it to myself every day, like every time I am about to start acting I am always like Ďshut up and donít think so muchí. I think about that in life so much, like just to go with your instinct and be willing to take risks."