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What is it about Liv?

MyTheresa.com, November 2015. Photos by Cedric Buchet.

What is it about Liv?
Our tenth muse boasts a radiant beauty that - it has to be said goes way beyond those gorgeously alluring, envy-inducing lips.

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Liv Tyler is one of those stars whose background most are familiar with: her father is iconic Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, and her mother, Bebe Buell, has enjoyed success both as a model and as a musician herself.

Nonetheless, while arguably always destined for stardom, she is more than accomplished in her own right - far from the 'famous parents', 'started out young' cliché. And, despite insisting that she's 'so bad at these questions', she speaks with a refreshing realness. There is a palpable sincerity to her, which only adds to her irresistible charm.

As she chats to us about all things fashion, it's evident that Liv has an eclectic taste. "I'm so bad at favourite questions," she laughs. And that eclecticism proves inherent as the conversation continues. "I cannot say there's one [fashion influence] specifically. My grandmother is incredibly elegant - very detail-oriented with her taste and my mother was always a very free spirit. I would watch her get dressed, and she was always in bands and a little more rock'n'roll. So I had that mix of classic and this rebellious, fresh thing."

Tyler credits her mother's wardrobe as one of the first places she felt pretty. "She had such amazing style. It was a great moment - I was born in '77, so it was the 80s and she had such a mix of things... amazing gloves and corsets. It was what we think of as how Madonna dressed at that time, but it was before Madonna. As I was just a little girl, it was so fun!"

Of course, her take on style has evolved with time. Modelling as early as 13 years old and acting for as long as she can remember, she has a long-standing, let's say, professional relationship with fashion. "I was going through my storage and I found all these gowns that Alexander McQueen made for me. Like one I wore to the Lord of the Rings premiere in Paris. It's like this crazy rainbow thing, so he made it for me in pink. And this amazing black feathered cape - I'm [still] very excited about that piece." She readily extends that enthusiasm to her appearance within acting roles too, getting well and truly stuck in wherever she can to give a character the perfect look.

"You try many things and then the [look] sort of emerges. I love collaborating, especially in film."

Event dressing coaxes Tyler's collaborative approach as well. "I'll ask Stella or Jack and Lazaro from Proenza Schouler or Givenchy... that's one of the things I feel so grateful for, having been in this business for so long and being able to have those close, personal relationships. You can rely on them and they can rely on you." Oh and did we mention that she counts Lucie de la Falaise, Kate Moss and Kate Hudson as girlfriends? "Female friendship is very important to me." All of this, yet she's far less of a 'fash lovey' than you'd be forgiven for thinking. Liv Tyler's sense of style runs much deeper than clothes or trends. "I've always been very observant my whole life. I definitely have certain friends and people who I have learned a lot from and I admire their overall essence, but it's not about fashion. It's about whatever they radiate. And they just happen to look great in everything."

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