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A Ring changed my Life!

Top Girl, March 2003. Scans by Valentina, translation by Sara

Romantic, ethereal and mysterious. Thatís her again playing the role of the elf Arwen, one of the main characters of the movie The Lord of the Rings Ė The Two Towers, the second installment of the cinematographic trilogy based on Tolkienís book. We have seen her still in love with the human hero Aragorn (played by the fascinating Viggo Mortensen) and ready to renounce immortality for his sake. We have to wait to the third movie to learn how the story ends but many people think that the character played by Liv is the most beautiful, sad and romantic one in the fantasy novel that has enchanted millions of people.

After starring in movies like Armageddon, with Ben Affleck, and Stealing Beauty by Bertolucci, Liv has become a world famous star. "Liver", thatís her nickname, was born on the first of July 1977 in Portland (Maine) and is the daughter of the charismatic leader of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler, and of a former playmate. She started working as a model in New York when she was 14 and turned to cinema one year later. Next summer we will see her in Jersey Girl, a dramatic comedy where she co-stars with her friend Ben Affleck and with his fiance Jennifer Lopez. A great venture, also because it seems that Liv and Ben have recorded some of the songs in the soundtrack. Will J.Lo scold him ?

Elvish ? It is very sensual
Liv suffers from dyslexia, a syndrome that can include difficulty in extracting the meaning of a long written text. This is not exactly a good thing for an actress. And it hasnít been easy for her learning the Elvish language invented by Tolkien which we can hear in the movie as well. But Liv-Arwen worked hard: "The sound of this language is very warm and thereís something sexy about it ... Every time I was saying one of my Elvish lines, for some mysterious reason all the men started to blush!" Whatís left to be said ? We would like to attend an Elvish course too. But it wouldnít hurt if we had Livís eyes and looks too!

Faithful to her rockstar
Despite her young age, Liv is consistent and faithful when talking about love: After dating the actor Joaquin Phoenix for two years, she is engaged with Royston Langdon, ex-bassist of the British band Spacehog, since the summer of 1998. He gave her a ring and will lead her to the altar soon. In conclusion, at work as in private life, what matters for Liv is ... the ring!

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