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Liv in Live

"Ca se passe comme ša" Magazine, November 2002. Scans & translation by Mary

How was it working with Peter Jackson ?
He is so wonderful ... When he directs you, you feel like it's him who is the actor. You always feel his presence. He listens to you, he understands what you want, and that is great!

What do you remember from that experience ?
It was really difficult to play a character who isn't real, who doesn't exist. I am really different from Arwen.

Why was it so difficult to play an Elf ?
Arwen is a person who has a real grace. She is exceptional. I'm not short so it was an asset for me!

I heard that all the actors had to train a lot for this film ...
Before the shooting, we had to train hard: we were always with a coach. Even the shooting itself was a physical challenge. And when we weren't shooting, we spent our time training!!

How do you see Arwen ?
She has a gigantic amount of knowledge, very spiritual. She has a wonderful relationship with the nature. I think that Arwen brings a sense of femininity to Middle Earth.

This femininity is reenforced by her love story with a human, isn't it ?
During a war she falls in love with a human and becomes his motivation. That makes their love story stronger. Arwen decides to become mortal for him. Her feelings are so strong that she is ready to change her life. She must leave her family, her people ... all of this for him. It is strange but very beautiful!

What is the secret of the Elf language ?
The rhythm and the stress sound like celtic. We had to train in front of a mirror, we made strange faces, and strange sounds. We had to learn how to use our face's muscles. It is a real language, not a collection of strange sounds. They have a meaning. And we learned more than 4 or 5 lines.

The result is wonderful ...
For us, it was a strange thing to hear, it sounds like a song or bell's song. I think that Elvish is fantastic.

Was it easy for you to speak Elvish ?
At first, I was terrified to speak a language which is out of this earth. Later, with experience it became easy. And now I love speaking Elvish!

- Liv is the Aeorsmith's leader daughter: Steven Tyler.
- She starred in Silent Fall and Stealing Beauty.
- She was Bruce Willis's daughter in Armageddon.
- One Night At McCool's helped her to finish with the "good girl" roles.
- We will see her in The Two Towers and The Return Of The King.

The original scans (in French):